James C. Morgan

Chairman Emeritus And Former CEO
Applied Materials Inc., USA

"Adizes offers the secret to understanding how to stay ahead of the transitions that organizations make and how to provide the leadership through those transitions to optimum performance."

Steven Miller

Former Chairman President and CEO
Shell Oil Company, USA

"Adizes has been an invaluable resource and insightful advisor in my efforts to restore entrepreneurial vitality to mature business organizations throughout the world."

Lynn Elsenhans

Shell Oil Company, USA

“The Adizes approach is the most effective tool that I’ve encountered for building strong leadership teams and getting results.”

"Dr. Adizes’ theory of management can be applied beyond business uses; as a political manager, I have found it to be particularly useful in my day-to-day work. Kazakhstan has been working closely with the Adizes Institute for a number of years and its methodology has proved to be very useful in our decision-making process."

Karim Massimov

Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Charles R. Schwab

Charles Schwab & Co., USA

“Profound in itssimplicity. The Adizes methodology has made me a better manager.”

Samuel H. Armacost

Former CEO
Bank Of America

“The Institute’s methodology has enhanced internal communications by encouraging habits of participatory management and by helping us accept change as normal and as continuous opportunity for the bank.”

David Evans

Equinox Tree & Vine

“Thanks for exposing us to the ‘Founders Trap.’ Your methods and facilitators have been enlightening.”

“With Ichak, we examined our management structure to find ways to give more focus and definition, and come up with an organization chart... It was absolutely successful! We went in somewhat skeptical and came out exhilarated. We gained a great deal of focus and gained individual as well as team responsibility.”

Ernest Fleischmann

Executive Vice President and Managing Director
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Eli Harari

Former President and CEO
Sandisk Corporation, USA

“To remain the market leader in our rapidly growing industry we must continually restructure our company. Adizes is our primary vehicle for managing these internal transformations.”

Tom Monaghan

Founder and Former President
Domino’s Pizza, USA

“Adizes helped us generate better ideas and aclimate where they can be better implemented.”

Ambassador Kenneth L. Adelman

Former Director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and former U.S. Representative to theUnited Nations

“The U.S. foreign policy world—as well as the international community as a whole—would benefit greatly from a deeper understanding of Ichak Adizes’ insights and theories.”

Dan Maydan

Former. President
Applied Materials (CA)

"Adizes' contribution was essential to our organization and enabled us to establish the proper structure for growth which lasted over 20 years."

Fernando Hilsenbeck

Vice President
Villares Industries, Brazil

“Adizes has helped us think as a corporation.Before, each of us acted to represent his own division. Now we operate as a team.”

P. N. Gerolymatos

Gerolymatos S.A., Greece

“The Adizes methodology has helped us solve many structural and functional problems. I believe it is the most advanced management methodology in the world today.”

“The experience has been extremely good.People attending the different Phases... are all convinced that the methodology is a good one, and that the amount of time spent in the sessions is worthwhile... The people seem to be more confident in the future of the company.Everything seems to be happening together. As we are going through these exercises, we are building up internal confidence and internal trust. The people are calmer and know that we are better prepared for the future.”

Paulo Villares

President and CEO
Villares Industries

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