Executive Committee

David O'Farrill

Managing Director

Grounded in Biotech Engineering and with a talent for entrepreneurship, is currently the General Manager at the Adizes Institute. His career is marked by launching ventures and leading teams, always focusing on innovative tech solutions. At the Adizes Institute, David leverages his profound tech insight to propel business strategies, translating complex concepts into practical applications. His visionary leadership is instrumental in shaping the company's future, setting new organizational excellence and innovation benchmarks.

Rufat Jahangir

Managing Director
Adizes Academy

Joining Adizes in 2017, Rufat swiftly advanced to Managing Director of the Adizes Academy for Organizational Health, leveraging his extensive experience in executive and finance roles. His commitment to professional training and certification highlights his global perspective and dedication to improving managerial and administrative functions.

Chris Hague

Chief Financial Officer

Adizes' Chief Financial and Administrative Officer since 2021, Chris has over thirty years of global executive experience. His financial management and operational optimization expertise has been pivotal in navigating business challenges, demonstrating his dedication to strategic leadership and cross-functional collaboration.

Carlos Tarrats

Marketing Director

Has been the Global Marketing Director since 2022, bringing rich experience from fast-moving consumer goods and education. He leads by focusing on simple yet powerful brand strategies, emphasizing digital transformation, and elevating the company's global presence. Carlos's approach combines clear, effective online marketing with teamwork, helping to spread the company's message far and wide.

Jaime Morales

Adizes LTD Director

With over a decade of experience nurturing technology startups, Jaime Morales co-founded and led Linc Learning Inc., marking a successful exit in 2023. He contributes as a board member for startups and directs the Adizes Leadership Development Programs, focusing on digitizing Adizes Methodology tools for online learning.

Rodrigo Sahagún

Head of Customer Success

Since joining Adizes in 2019, Rodrigo has significantly contributed to establishing new divisions and services, including the Customer Success division. His financial acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have fueled diverse ventures, illustrating his dedication to client satisfaction and organizational growth.

Juan José Flores

Certified Senior Associate
Professional Director Europe

Juan José Flores, a Senior Certified Associate at the Adizes Institute Monterrey Office, has enriched the organization for ten years. Serving clients in Mexico and the USA, he also contributes to global projects and training, especially in India, Turkey, and France. As a Certified Scrum Master, he’s been the Director of Training and Certification since 2018. His expertise extends to Europe, where he acts as the Professional Director, broadening his impact across continents.

Virginijus Kundrotas

Certified Senior Associate
Managing Director Lithuania

Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, guiding the Adizes Institute Lithuania, combines hands-on experience with deep theoretical knowledge. He holds a Ph.D. in Education and focuses on nurturing leadership and ethical business globally. As the founding President of ISM University and a key figure in international management education, he communicates complex ideas effectively in Lithuanian, English, and Russian, shaping future leaders worldwide.

Zvezdan Horvat

Certified Principal Associate
Managing Director South East Europe

Dr. Zvezdan Horvat stands out for his extensive work helping companies change and grow. He's known worldwide and has 30 years of experience in various countries, including the USA, UK, China, Russia, Turkey, and former Yugoslav nations. Dr. Horvat has won the "Professional Associate of the Year" award from the Adizes Institute twice. He has also written over seventy articles on managing change and has taught more than a thousand people about organizational improvement.

Headquarters Team

Darío Magaña

Chief Technology Officer

An IT expert with a strong foundation in data and business analysis, Darío Magaña specializes in software implementation, IT architecture, and data management. Since joining Adizes in 2020, he has excelled in automating business flows, enhancing data visualization, and integrating apps. His technical prowess is pivotal in driving business success.

Paloma Orendaín

Account Executive
Online Leadership Development

As Head of Sales (B2B) for a year, Paloma has been instrumental in expanding the Adizes Evangelist program from Guadalajara. Her focus on strengthening work teams and facilitating communication underscores her role in extending Adizes' influence through effective B2B sales strategies and collaboration.

Ana Patricia Romero

Customer Success Operations
Online Leadership Development

As a Customer Success Manager at Adizes, Ana's focus on fostering client relationships and ensuring satisfaction is paramount. With a background in Public Relations and Advertising, she effectively addresses customer needs, demonstrating her passion for customer success through proactive engagement and support since 2017.

Sinai Rubio

Business Development Representative
Online Leadership Development

Sinai Rubio joined Adizes in 2022, specializing in outbound strategies, lead generation, and sales automation. Her role is crucial in developing targeted prospect lists and managing CRM systems to enhance sales operations, reflecting her commitment to marketing and commercial relations excellence.

Diego Loza

Head of Growth
Online Leadership Development

Diego, our Head of Growth at the Adizes Institute, brings 15 years of experience in sales across B2B, B2C, and enterprise sectors. With a down-to-earth leadership style and a real passion for progress, he's contributed to the growth and success of several companies by focusing on practical and effective sales strategies.

Tamara García


Since joining Adizes in 2019, Tamara García has evolved from Dr. Adizes's assistant to Publishing Director. Her journey through various roles has enriched her administrative and managerial skills, contributing significantly to the institute's creative and operational excellence while fostering departmental development.

Virginia Lima


With a Fine Arts degree and over 25 years in graphic design, Vicky has been a vital part of the Adizes family for six years. Her expertise spans web design, branding, editorial design, and managing social network and marketing platforms, contributing to the institute's visual and digital presence.

Carolina Rosales

Content Manager

An architect turned content creator, Carolina Rosales joined Adizes in 2020. Her experience in design and project planning has been instrumental in growing the institute's online community. Carolina's collaborative spirit enables her to contribute across departments, enhancing Adizes' marketing and content development efforts.

Larissa de la Torre

Professional Services Administrator
Adizes Academy

An environmental engineer with a knack for sustainability projects, Larissa excels in managing Municipal Waste Management Programs. Her problem-solving skills and eagerness for new challenges underscore her commitment to environmental stewardship and continual professional development.

"Ichak Adizes is one of the few management consultants who has converted a whole array of theory-based concepts into unusually practical guidelines for managers. And even more impressive, he has integrated these guidelines into a comprehensive system of management."


Professor of Democratic Business Enterprise

Columbia University Graduate School of Business

"Adizes has been an invaluable resource and insightful advisor in my efforts to restore entrepreneurial vitality to mature businesses. organizations throughout the world."


Former Chairman President And CEO

Shell Oil Company

“The Institute’s methodology has enhanced internal communications by encouraging habits of participatory management and by helping us accept change as normal and as continuous opportunity for the bank."


Former CEO

Bank of America

“The U.S. foreign policy world — as well as the international community as a whole — would benefit greatly from a deeper understanding of Ichak Adizes’ insights and theories."


Former deputy U.S. Ambassador

United Nations

"We have been applying the Adizes methodology for more than 40 years. It has been instrumental in enabling us to grow our business from around $50 million per year to over $4 billion. The lessons of balanced management that recognize all the disciplines needed in every organization, regardless of size, have been a driving force behind our success."



The Wonderful Company

"This course has been extremely helpful for implementation within my organization. Dr. Adizes' insight about organizational therapy really changed my perspective on my role as an integrator within an organization."


Chief of Staff


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