Adizes Institute International
SEPT 18 - 22, 2024
The convention will take place in the office in Santa Barbara and in the The Colleges of Law - Santa Barbara Campus
Day 1
Sept 18, 2024
Internal Adizes Colloquia
Internal training/colloquia day for associates.
Day 2
Sept 19, 2024
Internal Adizes Colloquia + Opening Dinner
Internal colloquia for associates only.

On this day we will also hold a one-day BTP/intro to Adizes, phase 0 type event (open to the public) for people who wish to attend the convention but are new to Adizes.

Opening dinner which is open to all.
Day 3
Sept 20, 2024
Open to anyone who wants to attend.

 Current plans are to rent a large boat and go for a tour of Santa Barbara by sea and do some whale/dolphin watching.

Note that the boat we are looking at (which is very big and nice) fits no more than 49 people.  So if many people register we will need to look at other options, like a tour of the wine country.
Day 4
Sept 21, 2024
Current Clients
The target market for this day is current clients.  

Like we did in Riga in 2023, we will try to serve the needs of in company change leaders (who have been trained as integrators) and internal change agents (who have not been formally trained but have been exposed to Adizes).

That is the target market and we will aim to serve their needs on this day, but anyone can register and anyone can attend.  

Note this is the day when the associate-of-the-year award is presented.
Day 5
Sept 22, 2024
Future Clients
The target market for this day is the open market and possible future clients/associates/marketing partners

This is the day you should invite any possible leads to attend.  It is also the day when we invite current clients to present on their experience with Adizes as well as present the company of the year and pursuit of prime awards.

That evening we will have our closing dinner.
We will also have a parallel spouse track.

Stay tuned for more information