Teltonika named Company of the Year at The Adizes Institute

The Adizes Institute Worldwide has awarded Teltonika as Company of the Year 2021. The Adizes methodology has been widely applied in our company group since 2018.

We received the award at the 45th Adizes Global Convention 2022, which took place September 9-12 in Guadalajara, Mexico. The traditional Company of the Year Award is given to the most outstanding companies that have achieved exceptional results on a global scale by adopting the Adizes methodology and implementing changes in a culture of mutual trust and respect.

Teltonika Telematics CEO Antanas Šegžda and Vice President of Human Resources Development Eglė Paukštytė participated in the convention in Mexico and received the award on behalf of the company group.

Presenting the Teltonika company group to the audience, Antanas Šegžda talked about the history of the establishment and growth of Teltonika and our challenges and achievements. He also shared how the Adizes methodology was introduced in the organisation and what value it creates for the organisation’s people, partners and all stakeholders while at the same time enabling the company group to achieve exceptional financial results.

“I believe that the changes brought about by the Adizes methods are especially visible and appreciated by our long-serving employees, who can compare how Teltonika has changed over the last several years. But just as importantly, this award indicates that the progress we have made is also being noticed by world-renowned management professionals, such as the Adizes Institute, who work with a wide range of organisations worldwide. Thus, this award gives us even more confidence in what we are doing and inspires us to move forward even faster,” says A. Šegžda, CEO of Teltonika Telematics.

At the Awards Ceremony, the Adizes Institute also honoured Dr Virginijus Kundrotas, head of the Adizes Institute in Lithuania, and named him Associate of the Year.

Finally, the crucial role of Arvydas Paukštys, founder and president of Teltonika IoT Group, was brought to everyone’s attention. The Institute expressed its gratitude to A. Paukštys for his endless energy, leadership skills and insights in adopting the Adizes Organisational Transformation Methodology.

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