Dr. Adizes Featured in POP Music Album

In our January newsletter we included an article about how Dr. Adizes’ son, Sapphire Adizes, released “Birth,” the first song in his pop music album titled “The Wild Boar.”

In “The Wild Boar” Sapphire puts the story of his life to music. Featured heavily in this album are excerpts of fatherly advice that Dr. Adizes gave his son over the years, which Sapphire had the foresight to record and then put to music.

The subjects of the songs and Dr. Adizes’ advice cover subjects as diverse as balancing one's childhood dreams with the realities of becoming an adult and spiritual themes, like one's relationship with God. The full album can be found here.

The album was recently presented, in full, in concert, with full orchestra, choir and visual accompaniment in Kotor Montenegro during the Kotor Arts festival. The event attracted over 400 people from around the world and can be found here.

With the release of this album, more concert dates are being scheduled.

Sapphire Adizes is an established musician with his previously produced and co-written album “Berhana” reaching almost 100 million plays on Spotify and featured on the Emmy award winning TV show “Atlanta.”  Youtube videos of him playing the saxophone have gone viral with well over 10s of millions views on different social media websites and placing him on the front page of the internet Reddit earlier this month. He has performed at the Lincoln center atrium with his quartet, and joined some of the biggest artists in the world in the studio like The Chainsmokers.

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