Adizes to Reinvest in Greece

The Adizes Institute has operated in Greece for decades, working with organizations like Silver & Baryte Ores Mining Co. (2000 Pursuit of Prime Award recipient), Gerolymatos International (2004 Pursuit of Prime Award recipient), and Petros Petropoulos (2015 Pursuit of Prime Award recipient), to name a few.

However, over the last decade, Greece has endured one of the most severe economic crises in modern history. Many Greek companies went out of business, and those that remained faced severely limited access to capital and a cataclysm of new taxes that swept away their profitability. So, the few organizations that were able to survive were forced to dramatically cut costs. As a result, unemployment rose to nearly 30%, and some 500,000 highly trained individuals were forced to leave the country.

Today, it seems that Greece is on a slow path to recovery, but Greek companies still confront many challenges. The high-calibre professional that left the country during the economic crisis amount to more than 15% of the total workforce. Simultaneously, a lot of experienced workers have either retired or left the market for a significant period of time, depriving the active workforce in Greece of the experiences typically inherited from the older generation. Organizations are finding it difficult to rebuild their operations. They are simply exhausted from the continuous layoffs. They need to make dramatic changes, but they lack the energy and the know-how to do so.

To help improve this situation, the Adizes Institute is re-entering Greece through the efforts of Adizes Associate and Athens resident Georgios Karadimas.

Georgios Karadimas says, “By working to improve the levels of mutual trust and respect and to create highly integrated companies, we hope to help the Greek economy and society as a whole. We hope to provide a continuous long-term contribution to the future of this great country.”
Adizes Institute

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