Adizes Institute Worldwide 44th Global Convention A Success

The 8th January was the official beginning of the 44th Adizes Global Convention where Adizes associates and their partners, representing 15 countries, met in Bangkok, Thailand. For four days, Associates came together to develop the methodology, analyse specific managerial cases, share experiences and insights, and undertake Adizes Certifications. Associates also had the honour of learning directly from Dr. Ichak Adizes, Founder and President, as he gave an address to the group across each day.

During these four days, Certification examinations were undertaken by Associates in their respective phases. Similar to the medical profession, Adizes Associates must complete rigorous training and internships in the various phases of organizational transformation. To become certified, they must present case studies and testimonials from clients and fellow Certified Associates.

We congratulate all associates who passed their certification exams.

On 13th and 14th of January, the 44th Adizes Global Convention was opened to over 50 guests, travelling from Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, United States and Latvia. Guests and Associates had the pleasure of hearing from Dr Adizes, the Company of the Year recipient, Maxim Healthcare Services, received by Micah Ensor, and Pursuit of Prime recipient, Latakko, received by Jevgenijs Kopilkovs. Additionally, Senior Associates Rangsan Thammaneewong, Shoham Adizes, Greg Mathers and Don McKenzie provided the key steps to implementing change in your organization using a Democraship strategy.

It wasn’t all business for associates who were treated to a tour of Ayutthaya, a UNESCO Heritage site north of Thailand, seeing the old royal palace, visiting the Golden Buddha before travelling down the Chao Phraya river.

During the convention, it was announced that the 2021 Global Convention will be hosted in Istanbul, Turkey! More details will be provided in coming newsletters.

We thank all associates and guests who travelled far and wide to join at the 44th Adizes Global Convention. We are looking forward to seeing you at many more in the future.

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