Ushering in a New Generation of Associates - Advanced Phase Training Held in Belgrade, Serbia

Phase V SymOrDes™ (Symbergetic™ Design of Responsibilities)  and Phase VI AED™ (Adizes Executive Dashboard) are two of the most advanced phases in the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation™. In these phases, Adizes Associates help management teams define their structure (Phase V) and then create a transparent financial and objective management information system (Phase VI) that aligns with that Structure (Phase V).

These phases are the climax of the transformation process. They are the brain surgery of our profession.

Before one can be accepted to study phases V and VI, an associate must first take many other trainings and pass in-depth exams.  They are required to have extensive prior education and experience in accounting, finance, management theory, strategic planning as well as in delivering other phases in the Adizes program. There is an additional arduous vetting process.  Each associate must be accepted by Dr. Adizes, personally.

That is why when 26 associates from 16 different countries, met in Belgrade, Serbia, from September 24 - 26 and December 17 - 20, 2018 to attend an Adizes Certification Academy training in phases V and VI, we decided that this was important enough to mention it in our newsletter.  After all, the fact that we were able to find so many people who met the prerequisites for training is an indicator of our fast growing organization and the many clients we have around the world who have enabled these associates to gain the experience needed to learn these more advanced phases.

After completing this course and passing the written exams, the associates who comply with all the requirements are selected to continue to an Internship stage where they will work and assist a Certified Associate in deliveries; they will also go through an additional year of online training (3 hours a month). When the internship is completed successfully, the associates will go through a Residency where they will deliver under close supervision and support. Only those who demonstrate the capability to deliver these phases in the real world, with real clients, will be invited to sit for their certification exams which are held live, in public, during one of our international conventions.

We wish the best to these group of associates in their journey.

Adizes Institute

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