University Professors Prepare to Teach Adizes Methodology

Over the last decade, the Adizes Methodology has become a staple of many university curricula around the world. Currently, over 30 universities in 19 countries offer official courses on the Adizes Methodology through, or in cooperation with, the Adizes Graduate School. Countless other universities include Adizes content, of some kind, in their curriculum. To help these professors present Adizes concepts in a more accurate and compelling way, the Adizes Graduate School will offer a three-day training in Belgrade, Serbia from October 20-22, 2019. Further, as a thank you to these professors who are helping us promote the Adizes Methodology and achieve our mission, this training will be offered to qualifying candidates free of charge (only a small registration fee will apply).

What makes this training really special is that it will be taught, partially, by Dr. Adizes himself.  Dr. Adizes rarely delivers this introductory training anymore, so this is a rare opportunity. Additionally, October 22, 2019, the last day of the training, will be Dr. Adizes’ 82nd birthday and this event will take place in Belgrade, which is where Dr. Adizes spent his early childhood years and wrote his breakout book, Industrial Democracy: Yugoslav Style. Belgrade is also the headquarters of Adizes South-East Europe, one of the first international offices established by the Adizes Institute.

Other presenters will include Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Dean of the Adizes Graduate School, Dr. Pavel Belorusskiy, Certified Associate and other highly experienced Adizes Associates. These Associates will present the theory and real-world examples of how the methodology was applied within organizations to address specific problems and opportunities.

For more information and to see if you qualify to attend this training please contact  Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Dean of the Adizes Graduate School at

Adizes Institute

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