In a survey of the top 100 corporate communications executives, known as the “Influence 100,” Dr. Adizes, Founder of the Adizes Institute, was identified as one of the world’s best communicators in 2017.

Dr. Adizes shares this honor with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Michael Bloomberg, Sheryl Sandberg and the Dalia Lama.

Dr. Adizes is the creator of the Adizes Methodology and founder of the Adizes Institute

The Adizes Methodology harnesses collaborative communication from all levels of an organization to better manage change. By harnessing collaborative communication, leaders and executives are able to make better, more succinct decisions resulting in highly functional organizations. The Adizes Methodology is taught in universities and other institutions of learning, worldwide.

The Adizes Institute, which has offices in over 20 countries, utilizes the Adizes Methodology to help businesses owners, investors and top-level executives respond and succeed during times of accelerated change.

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The Holmes Group delivers on its mission by providing the Holmes Report. The Holmes Report provides the most sophisticated reporting and analysis on public relations trends and issues, along with an extensive global footprint of events and awards.

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