In-Company Integrators Come Together in Mexico

On June 18 and 19, the Adizes Institute hosted an event for client In-Company Integrators to come together at the Hyatt Regency Andares in Guadalajara, Mexico. More than thirty In-Company Integrators from nine companies and four cities attended the event.

Dr. Ichak Adizes joined the event via video conference, delivering a presentation and answering questions. Additionally, the Adizes Institute presented updated delivery support materials, reviewed basic integration theory and practice, and facilitated open discussions between the In-Company Integrators. The most valuable additions to the event were the In-Company Integrators themselves, professionals with vast experience on the complexities of delivering Adizes within organizations.

"I enjoyed getting to know how the Adizes experience is lived in other organizations and how we can apply the best practices when integrating SynerTeams. I leave really motivated to continue my work as an In-Company Integrator," said Christina Romo, the In-Company Integrator for Zimmer Recycling.

As part of the event, seven In-Company Integrators received their certification to integrate problem-solving teams, or SynerTeams: Alejandra Díaz, Lia Figueroa, Bertha Olivia Patiño, Citlali Zamora, María Fernanda López, Marcela Guadalupe Sánchez and Gricelda Haro. To receive a certification, these In-Company Integrators had to complete an internship, pass an evaluation by a tutor, prepare a series of documents to establish their track record of success, and sit for examination before a panel of Certified Associates. Congratulations to those who received their certifications.

We would like to thank Adizes Associates Jorge Nieto, Joaquín Koloffon, Juan Jose Flores, Alfonso Camberos, and Alvaro Nuñez for hosting and participating in this event.

The event was a total success. Event participants have shared overwhelmingly positive feedback and conveyed a strong demand for more events like this one.

"The event has exceeded our own expectations. We were looking forward to reinforcing and updating some content with the participants, but the value they added to each other’s missions through the open forum was wonderful," said Jorge Nieto, Managing Director of Adizes Guadalajara.

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