CEO Clubs India Members Join Dr. Ichak Adizes at the Heartfulness World HQ

CEO Clubs India members came to join with Dr. Ichak Adizes  in Kanha Shantivanam, at the Heartfulness World HQ for the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime workshop. This event was hosted by Heartfulness Institute, in a pristine, platinum rated, 1300 acre Green campus, and is part of the CEO Clubs India's extended learning session.

The delegates were successful entrepreneurs and executives of organizations ranging from startups to entities employing over 1000 people. Their main aim in coming to attend this event is to gain insights on approaches that they can deploy to address:

  1. Long-standing and/or persistent management problems, and
  2. Unleash their organization’s energy to realize their fullest potential.

Over a span of two days, the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime workshop provided 30 Founders and CEOs, from diverse industries and reach, with an immersive and customized experience that allowed them to take home the powerful Adizes management methodology combined with the Heartfulness practice and the ways to put this to productive use in their companies and in personal life.

About Heartfulness Institute

Heartfulness Institute is a non-religious organization bringing Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation techniques to people of all ages worldwide. It is associated with the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga, which has been offering meditation with Yogic Transmission free of charge for over one hundred years.

Heartfulness Institute provides free ongoing relaxation and meditation classes and workshops in schools, universities, corporations, government offices and local communities around the world. Its certified trainers also teach remotely, so people who cannot attend in person may learn these practices in the comfort of their own home.

Heartfulness Programs

Heartfulness is a scientific, practical introduction to the techniques of relaxation, meditation and Yogic Transmission. Seekers learn these techniques at their own pace in the introductory programs that are currently conducted by over 50,000 Heartfulness volunteers.

Heartfulness can be learned at home, in Heartfulness Centres, and through any organization requesting Heartfulness training programs.

The Adizes Methodology harnesses collaborative communication from all levels of an organization to better manage change. This enables, leaders and executives to make better, more succinct decisions resulting in highly functional organizations. The Adizes Methodology is taught in universities and other institutions of learning, worldwide as well.

When Adizes practice, which is an organisational transformation methodology, is combined with Heartfulness practise, which essentially is a personal transformation methodology, it makes a very compelling and potent combination that will ensure an organisation and its individuals reach their Prime potential in an accelerated way and are able to sustain it.

Simply put, an ordinary person is able to achieve extraordinary sustainable results.

Adizes Institute

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