Australia Prepares For the Arrival of Dr. Adizes

For the first time in thirty years, Australia Prepares For the Arrival of Dr. Adizes. He will deliver a presentation on May 28 in Sydney and May 30 in Melbourne. Dr. Adizes will be accompanied by Shoham Adizes, President of the Adizes Institute, and Jack Cowin, Founder of Competitive Foods Australia, a major shareholder of Hungry Jack’s, the Australian branch of Burger King and Domino’s Pizza.

Dr. Adizes is referred to as “the godfather of business” by the Australian media and Jack Cowin is a well-known and respected Australian business figure: the joint appearance of these two speakers make the event a must-see for Australian business professionals.

Topics discussed at this event will include the following:

Workshop participants will have the option to attend a sit-down lunch and private Q&A session with Dr. Adizes. Various ticket types are available but limited.

Additionally, for those interested in learning more, two Breakthrough to Prime workshops will be offered (May 29 in Sydney and May 31 in Melbourne). These Breakthrough to Prime workshops offer a deeper dive into how the tools and ideas presented by Dr. Adizes can be implemented within companies. Participants are invited to bring additional members of their management team. (Prior attendance of Dr. Adizes’ presentation is not required to attend these Breakthrough to Prime trainings).

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