Adizes' Client, Nutec Bickley, celebrates its 70th Participative Organizational Council

A Participative Organizational Council (POC) is one of the key forums for managing change within the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation. The POC is part of a bottom-up communication channel that meets roughly once a month and helps organizations become more responsive and innovative. The bottom-up struc­ture formed by the POC compliments the normal hierarchical structure already present in the organization, thereby balancing the need for command and control in the bottom-up information flow.

Nutec Bickley is located in Monterrey, Mexico, and designs, manufactures, and delivers industrial furnaces, kilns, and other thermal devices to metal and ceramic fabricators. They have been deploying the Adizes program within their organization since 2011 with tremendous success. They have been able to significantly increase the speed and quality of delivery while reducing costs and increasing profits. As a result, they were named Company of the Year during the Adizes Institute Global Convention that took place in New Delhi, India, in January 2016. This award is given to the most outstanding organization in terms of the company’s results and implementation of the Adizes Program.

On February 28, Nutec Bickley held its seventieth POC session and recognized the occasion with a celebration. During the celebration, participants reflected on their achievements and on how the company has changed since their first POC session.

“Wow! Seventy POC sessions in the blink of an eye. I feel happy with and thankful for Adizes, which has been holding our hand for seven years in our search for sustainable growth. With the Adizes methodology completely embedded into our culture, our POC becomes more relevant as time progresses, not only when attacking our problems but also when addressing the opportunities that we find. The different phases of the Adizes Program are carefully interrelated and center on the human factor; I can just say that it makes us more committed to the Adizes way of management as time goes on.”

Daniel Llaguno, CEO

“Beyond adopting tools to cope with internal problems, Adizes is a methodology that promotes a culture of change, which we have practiced in for more than seven years. It has helped us operate in a more structured way, focusing energy only where it matters, to continue successfully reaching our company goals.”

Lizeth Sanchez, Quality Assurance Manager & Adizes Internal Integrator

“One of the things I like about Adizes is that it not only allows us to improve companies that are growing but also helps us finding what to do when our company is on the aging side.”

Arturo Arechavaleta, VP Furnaces and Ovens Metals

We would like to recognize Adizes Associates, Sunil Dovedy, Juan Jose Flores, Humberto Padilla and Richard Azera who have helped guide Nutec Bickley through the Adizes program.

Adizes Institute

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