Juan Jose Flores awarded Associate of the Year for 2018

Juan Jose Flores will receive the Associate of the Year Award on January 31, 2019, during the 43rd international convention in Sydney, Australia.

Juan Jose Flores was first exposed to Adizes while working for the Legion of Christ as a volunteer in Monterrey, Mexico. At that time, parts of the Legion were deploying the Adizes program. A friend and colleague, Francisco Fernandez, who was involved with the program within the Legion, recommended that Juan Jose attend the December 2011, ‘Leading Highly Effective Teams - Adizes Integrators Training’. Juan Jose was quickly "hooked" on the methodology and after a year and a half of working as a part-time interning associate, he joined the Adizes Institute full time in 2013.

Juan Jose quickly demonstrated himself as a capable Integrator, Instructor and Administrator.  Over time Juan Jose took on the roles of Program Director, Spanish Language Guru, Instructor of the Integrator's Training course, and early this year, the position of Deputy Director of Training and Certification for the Institute Worldwide. Still, just 34 years old, Juan Jose is only starting what is sure to be a long and distinguished career at Adizes.

"The most important aspect of my work is to know that it will impact other people's lives in a positive way, and from the beginning, I knew Adizes would help me achieve that by helping organizations grow in a successful way" said Juan Jose.

When asked why he recommended Juan Jose for Integrators Training, Francisco Fernandez adds, “I knew that the methodology was most successfully spread by people who shared the values of Mutual Trust & Respect. When I came across Juan Jose I knew he was a natural fit. He has the perfect ingredients needed to succeed with Adizes. After all these years, watching Juan Jose's development, I’m very happy that my expectations have been tremendously exceeded.”

Juan Jose will speak about his experience with Adizes and what it has meant to him, during the Associate of the Year presentation, which will take place during the 43rd international convention in Sydney, Australia.

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