Upcoming Adizes Events

1. It’s not upcoming, it’s already passed, but it should be mentioned.

Dr. Adizes recently gave a lecture to ROLF, the largest car dealership in Russia on July 27, 2016.

2. On August 13, 2016 Dr. Adizes will be speaking on Zen Philosophy and Management in Kiev, Ukraine via Skype.

Start Time:

             8:00 PM EEST (Asia/Beirut)

 End Time:

             9:00 PM EEST (Asia/Beirut)

Event Location:


3. On October 13-14, 2016 Adizes will hold its Breakthrough to Prime Workshop in Houston, Tx. Pricing is $1,395 per person. There is an early bird discount of 5% if you register by September 2016.

 Also Multiple Team Member Discounts:

10% discount for 2 participants

15% discount for 3 participants

20% discount for 4 participants

Register Here Now

4. From February 9-11, 2017 there will be Adizes Training Lectures.

Instructed by Dr. Ichak Adizes and Shoham Adizes.

The last day to register is December 5, 2016 (if seven people do not register the course will be cancelled). The cost is $2,500 per person and is 3 days.

  Start Time:

   7:00 PM EEST (Asia/Beirut)

 End Time:

   3:30 AM EEST (Asia/Beirut)

   Event Location:


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