Announcing the Adizes Institute’s Top Leadership Forum Video Series (TopLeaf®) Released on High Volume, Dynamic Digital Platform

News-1The Adizes Institute is proud to announce the release of its unique series of breakthrough leadership training videos, dubbed TopLeaf, through the on-demand digital platform, These special videos, which reveal the secrets of practical application of the Adizes Methodology™, also provide the viewer with proven management training that gives top managers and executives a thorough, practical understanding of advanced leadership concepts you won’t find elsewhere … all presented by world-renowned,modern management expert, Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes.

Through the pay-per-view platform hosted by, users will be able to purchase lifetime access to individual, high-value videos for the low price of $24.99. Alternatively, users can purchase all 34 powerful videos (all modules) at once for just $599. (This provides a savings of $250.00!) You must have a Vimeo account (which is free) to access the videos. Click the link below to learn more.

These videos are perfect for you if any of the following problems can be seen in your company:

Aligning the structure of your organization to achieve its strategic

  • Making the transition from entrepreneurship to professional management.
  • Staying in touch with markets and entrepreneurial vitality.
  • Managing conflicts between founders, owners, board members, partners and family members.
  • Managing internal conflicts and “politics” that inhibit the success of your business.
  • Stepping up and making important but risky decisions.
  • Implementation and follow-through.
  • Managing “culture clashes” between your company and another while undergoing amerger or acquisition.

If you’re looking for new ideas and perspectives that can fuel your company’s continued growth and innovation, these videos are for you. If you need inspiration, ideas that can bring forth your best, that can challenge your assumptions, and provide you with the confidence you need to rise to new levels of professionalism … these videos are for you.

Within these groundbreaking videos, you’ll have access to management and leadership cornerstones that debunk management myths that have arisen over past decades, that show you how to build a culture of mutual trust and respect, that reveal the secrets of success, and that show you how to assure effective implementation of decisions …

… and so much more.

We’d like to invite you to come watch the first powerful video that we are making available to you for free, entitled “The Secret of Success of Any Organization.”  Simply Click Here Now.

Then, tell someone about it. These videos are a treasure trove of information, and until now, they’ve been sold for $100.00 per video. But now, The Adizes Institute is providing its valued clients and followers with lifetime access to each video at $24.99 (that’s a $75.00 discount!) Just so you know, we’re testing this now to see what you all think, so it’s not guaranteed that this low price is going to last.

Please remember, when you decide to take advantage of the high value provided by the TopLeaf® video series, you’ll need to have a Vimeo account (which is free) to access the videos. Click Here to Learn More Right Now!

Get in touch to let us know what you think. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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Zvezdan Horvat, Adizes SEE CEO & Partner, Guest Lectures at the Biggest Initiative for Education Development in Bosnia – Herzegovina.

In April of this year, Adizes South East Europe (Adizes SEE) CEO & Partner Zvezdan Horvat was a guest lecturer of the Akademac Initiative, the biggest initiative for education development in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH).  The event was organized in Sarajevo by the Sarajevo University and was held at by the Sarajevo Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

News-2Horvat expressed his beliefs and experiences regarding the needs of successful companies in the region, underlining the paradox of a high unemployment rate and the dissatisfaction of employers with the key groups available at the markets of BiH and SEE.

Mr. Horvat noted that, “Young people need to learn some technical things and need to work on development of some personal properties which are core for professional development and growth. My advice for young people is to develop their reliability. Employees rarely say that, but one of their crucial needs is to work with the people they are able to rely upon. To believe them at today’s level, but to know that they are reliable for tomorrow.”

News-3Mr. Horvat welcomed the initiative for educational development, while stressing that complex economic and social circumstances in South East Europe need to a factor of motivation for young people. In other words, young people in the region should use social and economic factors to motivate themselves to become better and better, rather than allowing them to become an occasion for group depression. More information on the Akademac Initiative is available at the website:

Partnership of Brothers and Sisters in Family Businesses

From March 30 to April 2, 2017, Adizes South East Europe (Adizes SEE) Club 2040 held its spring session in Zlatibor, Serbia. Club 2040 gathers 2nd generation family businesses, and is part of the Adizes SEE research project dedicated to the topic of family businesses. It is a foundation stone for economic development of countries worldwide, but especially sensitive countries in a transition process. These include South East European countries and market today. Club 2040 has existed for several years and is recognized as the most significant and central place in the region to talk about family businesses-related topics.

News-4The topic for this gathering, which was held in the Zlatibor Mountain area, was the “Partnership of Brothers and Sisters in Family Businesses.” The gathering brought in more than 80 participants. Many came from medium and big companies initially founded in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, and which today work in regional, European and global markets.

At the beginning of the Club 2040 spring session, the participants were addressed by Ichak Adizes, via video link.

Dr. Adizes noted that the concept of mutual trust and respect has very strong energy if applied in family businesses, which are obvious examples of people interdependency. He stressed the following to attendees, “I remind you of the fact that the most important finger of the human hand is the thumb, since it works with all other 4 fingers, and it makes the hand. A leader is a man who works well with the people surrounding him. A leader is not a pointing finger, who says someone should do something. A leader is the thumb. Remember that.”

Dr Adizes welcomed the effort of young people to work proactively on the survival and continuation of their family businesses.

In addition to Dr. Adizes, the participants were also addressed by the owner of the Serbian metal industry giant, Unipromet as well as by Milisav Novičić, the co-owner of the successful IT company, OSA Racunarski. Marketing industry veteran Ivan Stanković, one of the most prominent marketing experts in the region also spoke.

It was the joint conclusion of the participants that a proactive approach towards challenging tasks of partnerships and decision-making in family businesses are a practical pre-condition to avoid the trap of getting into deep conflicts and divisions, which are caused by non-expressed needs and choices of the 2nd or 3rd family business generation.

The next session of Club 2040 is scheduled for autumn 2017.

For more information about Club 2040, please contact Boris Vukic, Partner, Adizes SEE & Founder, Club 2040. (E-mail him here:

Adizes Launches Leadership Training Workshops and Services in Australia

News-5The Adizes Institute is launching a series of Breakthrough to Prime (BTP) workshops starting on June 16, 2017 in collaboration with Adizes Associate and proud Australian, Don McKenzie.

We’re excited to say this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, Don McKenzie really cares about family businesses. That’s great, because it provides the Adizes Institute with an amazing opportunity to come to Australia and together, show the people down under that Adizes cares too.

You see, most people don’t realize that Adizes works with family based businesses. But it does. We have a history of working with some great Australian companies, such as SUSSAN, the Gandel Group of Companies, JeansWest, and Richard Pratt companies.

But, it’s important for people to realize that the principles laid out in the Adizes Methodology work just as well with small, family companies as they do with firms that run with revenue in the millions.

News-6We’re proud to be able to help with issues such as succession planning and business transitions. Most family business owners know these are issues they’ll have to face at some point. They won’t go away. But, when they come, owners of Australian, family-based businesses won’t have to face those issues alone.

Whether you’re the owner, CEO, executive, or family member of an Australian business, large or small, if you’d like to learn more about new and exciting Adizes initiatives in Australia, please contact Don McKenzie at: