2017 Convention in Santa Barbara, CA – Highlights

Adizes Colloquia 2017

During the February, 2017 Adizes convention in Santa Barbara, California some amazing things occurred.

Over the course of eleven days, the Adizes Institute saw two of its senior associates, Darrell Gooden and Shimon Rojany, receive their doctorates from the Adizes Graduate School (AGS).

“Last February’s convention and dinner were extraordinarily meaningful for me because the AGS Commencement also occurred. It was my great honor to receive a Ph.D. from AGS. I like the idea to be able to say, ‘actually, I have a Ph.D. in Transformation.’ Words are not enough to express my newfound confidence. However, the single most impactful part of the AGS experience was the ever-increasing awareness of the importance of good writing skills. I am looking forward to journey and hope to contribute to the goodness of the Adizes Institute going forward.”– Dr. Darrell Gooden 

“Last February’s convention was a milestone in my 27-year tenure at the Adizes institute. During the convention, I was honored to have received my doctorate degree with distinction. It was the culmination of many years of collaborative efforts with my fellow associates, for which I am very grateful. I am looking forward to many more years of such collaboration. Additionally, the convention included the training of the largest number of associates in phase VI. I was happy to have taken a part as an instructor and a mentor to the newly trained associates.” – Dr. Shimon Rojany

As Dr. Rojany noted above, during the colloquia, there were various phase trainings followed by certification sessions. In fact, Jorge Nieto, Peter Shtrom, Yuri Hervoje, Pavel Belorusskiy, Harpreet Bhan, and Irina Binetskaya all became certified in additional levels of the Adizes Methodology.

On the subject of adding certifications, Adizes Vice President, Peter Shtrom said, “It was important for me to deepen my understanding of Adizes because it allows more in-depth conversations with my clients.” He continued with thoughts on the convention as a whole, noting that, “New ideas and thoughts from Dr. Adizes are an important part of our meetings. It’s interesting to me to hear these, and then to see how associates create new ideas organically based on what they’ve heard, by themselves, and together with Dr. Adizes.”

2017 Convention in Santa Barbara, CA - Highlights-1The following days held CMD and professional council meetings. Then, of course, there was the first dinner at the Soho Restaurant and Music Club (which was amazing)! Set-up by Louis Torres, Director of Publishing at Adizes. In fact, Louis arranged all the dinners for the convention in addition to all the activities, which took place during the Institute’s “Integration Day,” (such as feeding ostriches at an ostrich farm, but we’ll get to that in a moment.)

During that first dinner, Dr. Adizes’s son Saphire, and then Dr. Adizes himself, delighted everyone by playing well-known regional songs. This wasn’t the end, however. Dr. Adizes and Saphire got into an “accordion battle” and they dueled until Dr. Adizes graciously allowed Saphire the victory.

2017 Convention in Santa Barbara, CA - Highlights-2The following day, managing directors presented case studies, highlighting both challenges and successes with various companies. An enlightening question and answer period followed.

As mentioned above, Louis Torres arranged an amazing Integration Day, where most of the Associates and Managing Directors all boarded a tour bus (complete with neon lights and rock music) and set out for a tour of the Babcock winery.

2017 Convention in Santa Barbara, CA - Highlights-3This proved to be a big success, and it was followed by lunch at a beer brewery and then a chance to go feed ostriches and Australian emus at a local ranch. The evening was capped by an olive oil tasting event, before stopping along the California coast to watch the sun set over the sea. Little could have made the trip better, but a school of bottle nosed dolphins appeared as if by magic, leaping in the surf … making a great Integration Day a simply outstanding one.

Finally, on the following day, associates, in company change leaders, guests and spouses enjoyed a joint session where the topic of discussion was Adizes as applied to family therapy based on Dr. Adizes’ latest book, “The Power of Opposites.”

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