New Employee Introductions

4Introducing Will Blesch as the Adizes Institute’s new Marketing Director!

Please join us in welcoming Will Blesch, who joined the Adizes Institute on June 1st, 2016 as the new marketing director. In the past, he has helped clients to brand and market their businesses, increasing recognition and reputation through online digital media, radio and television commercials, and through industrial presentations. He has also consulted and written for numerous companies and organizations in the United States, in the U.K. and in Israel as a top copywriter and branding professional. He is also the author of the children’s book, “Understanding Iraq Today: A Kid’s Guide to the Middle East.” He currently resides in Israel.

Introducing Amanda Williams as Dr. Adizes’s new Executive Assistant!5

We are very pleased to introduce Amanda Williams, who joined our organization on June 16th, 2016 and will be Dr. Adizes’ Executive Assistant at our global headquarters. Amanda is a graduate from the University of California at Santa Barbara where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with an emphasis in Law and Ethics, in addition to a minor in Black Studies. She has worked extensively in social services as an administrator for programs for the developmentally disabled as well as cognitively deficient individuals. Amanda enjoys reading and swimming in her spare time, and volunteers for her local Girl Scout Troop and Special Olympics in Santa Barbara.

Please feel free to reach out to Will and Amanda and introduce yourselves by E-mailing them at: and

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