“How to Ensure the Effectiveness of an Organization in the New Economic Reality – A Seminar for Owners and CEOs”

From November 28th through December 2, 2016, Dr. Ichak Adizes, the Adizes e8158b2f-b585-4ccb-8dc9-4e7de3a37e1d
Institute’s CEO, Peter Shtrom, the Institute’s Vice President, and Stanislav Krause the professional director of the Adizes Institute’s Russian office, presented 
a four-day course for owners and CEOs, which was held in Weerberg, Tirol, Austria.

A typical, powerful Adizes seminar, each day covered a different theme.

For example, first day lectures covered topics such as business changes and challenges, the nature of problems, the inevitability of choice, and viewing crisis as a large-scale opportunity for change. Further lectures discussed the function of management, management styles, how to implement decisions, and how to succeed in the face of rapid change.

Day two covered issues related to diagnosing problems and controlling system changes. Topics of individual lectures covered managing corporate lifecycles, diagnosing organizational problems, the process of managing change in an organization, and how to form effective management teams.

f4ac665a-0938-435b-9d58-eca4a0fdb548Day three focused in a powerful way on overall strategy. For instance, the speakers led participants in taking a look at the company’s mission as a part of strategy, as well as taking a hard look at opportunities and threats, and finally analyzing customer needs.

The fourth and final day focused on how to ensure responsible behavior among an organization’s managers. Relevant issues covered included 
how to eliminate destructive conflict, management by objectives, and focusing on personal responsibility.