April 2016 Newsletter

Mastering Change – Introduction to Organizational Therapy (Revised & Expanded Edition, 2015) is Now Available


Mastering Change – Introduction to Organizational Therapy is a revised and updated version of Dr. Ichak Adizes’ original book released in 1992.  Filled with new concepts and content, readers will learn Dr. Adizes’ Universal Applied Theory on how to lead change for exceptional results with collaborative leadership. This book provides a paradigm shift on how to successfully manage for exceptional, sustainable, results.

Some highlights of what’s new in this edition:

  • Since the release of the first edition, Dr. Adizes has lectured to more than 100,000 executives. Much of what he has learned in the past 24 years has been incorporated into this new book.
  • Dr. Adizes’ philosophy applies not only to businesses, but to how a country needs to be led, and to family and personal life.
  • Universities have started teaching Adizes, and a manual for instructors has been developed.

Print Version: http://www.adizes.com/store/product.php?productid=17665&cat=275&page=1


Free Chapter: http://www.adizes.com/adizes-publications/

“I’ve been using the Adizes method for over 40 years. It has been instrumental in our being able to grow our business during that time from about $50 million per year to over $4 billion. The lessons of balanced management recognizing all the disciplines necessary in every organization, regardless of size, have been a driving force in our success.”

 Stewart Resnick, President and CEO, The Wonderful Company

“Dr. Adizes’ theory of management can be applied beyond business uses; as a political manager I have found it to be particularly useful in my day-to-day work. Kazakhstan has been working closely with the Adizes Institute for a number of years and its methodology has proved to be very useful in our decision making process.”

Karim Massimov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Adizes Institute Launches Newly Redesigned Website

The Adizes Institute has launched a complete site-wide redesign of www.adizes.com. The new website features a modernized look, access to new online resources and revised menu options and navigation to enhance the users’ experience.

As part of the re-design, 4 new content areas have been added for visitors to choose based on which one they most closely relate to. The areas include:

  • Entrepreneur/Owner
  • CEO/C-Level Executives
  • Change Leader/HR
  • Friends of Adizes

Once chosen, visitors have access to content and tools aligned with their current needs and challenges. Access to an in-depth library of video and audio resources, free chapters from Dr. Adizes’ most popular books, and free webinars are just some of what is available. These sources provide valuable information to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the Adizes Methodology and why it is revolutionizing the way management is taught and practiced around the world.

Visitors can also learn more about Dr. Adizes, the Founder and President of the Adizes Institute, upcoming events, the latest news, client testimonials and much more.

To get started, visit www.adizes.com.

Adizes January Convention Highlights

The 37th International Adizes Convention took place in New Delhi, India

Over 40 members of the Adizes network congregated from January 7 – January 14, 2016.  During the convention many fruitful discussions took place. Client case studies were presented and best practices for different phases were reviewed. Attendees were also able to visit Agra, the Red Fort, old Delhi and many of the other fascinating historical attractions of Delhi and the surrounding areas.  Additionally, six associates were certified in various phases of the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation and both NUTEC Bickley of Mexico and Petros Petropoulos of Greece were awarded the Company of the Year and Pursuit of Prime awards, respectively.

The event had an inspiring opening address and a closing talk by Dr Adizes through video conference. Other highlights included a parallel detailed spouse program and they all joined in to hear a presentation by Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Ph.D., CEO of New Delhi-based TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) and former Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  The IPCC, along with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

“It was an honor to have Dr. Pachauri as our guest speaker,” said convention host and Adizes India Managing Director, Harpreet Bhan.


Organizational Behavior and Raising Healthy Organizations is the second book of a two-volume work in which Dr. Adizes presents his theory of organizational lifecycles and the principles for leading organizational change that he has practiced and refined over the past forty years. In this book, Dr. Adizes provides the diagnosis, the tools to explain why organizations grow and die, and introduce what interventions are necessary to bring an organization to Prime. This book covers the content in chapters 10 – 18 from Managing Corporate Lifecycles.

Download your free chapter today here.

Adizes India CEO Forum 2016

Using the opportunity of the presence of senior Adizes Associates and representatives from client organizations, on January 14, 2016 the CEO Forum was hosted by Adizes India.  “Achieving Sustainable Success in Challenging & Uncertain Environments” was the theme of this first of its kind event in India.  Participants included 40+ Business Leaders from diverse sectors including Infrastructure & Construction, Infotech, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Energy, Auto, BFSI and Engineering.  The strong positive reinforcements received from them suggested that Adizes does indeed touch the mind and hearts. The fact that clients of Adizes came forward to share their experiences added great value the proceedings.


Adizes Russia Hosts Seminars

In February, Adizes Russia held 2 seminars for owners, CEOs and top-managers. On February 10, a 1-day seminar, held in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Perm, on the topic of “Change Management by Adizes Methodology” was a great success with 35 participants. After the event, attendees were able to have and individual consultations customized to their own situation.

On February 12, another 1-day seminar was held, this time in cooperation with 1C-Rarus, on the topic of “Leadership in Time of Crisis. Where can Companies Find Energy for Transformation?” The event, held in Moscow, Russia, had 15 registered participants that were comprised of owners, CEOs and top-managers.


MIM-Kyiv and Adizes Graduate School (AGS) Congratulate Graduates of the First Change Management Program

On December 3-5, 2015, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Dean of Adizes Graduate School, finished lecturing the first joint program of MIM-Kyiv and AGS, entitled “Change Management.” Dr. Kundrotas participated in the defense of the students’ Final Papers and delivered the Certificates of Completion of this joint program in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The program was launched in April 2015. It started with Dr. Adizes’ inspiring lecture to the new students and has been continued by the AGS faculty members:  Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Shoham Adizes and Greg Mathers.  The program was highly evaluated by participants, among which included Entrepreneurs and CEOs of various companies.

The philosophy of the program could be expressed by the words of Dr. Adizes during the opening of the program: “The main task of management is how to keep the company together during the turbulent times of change, how to develop it by solving problems using the philosophy of mutual trust and respect.”

Encouraged by the success of the first joint program, MIM-Kyiv and AGS launched a second program on Change Management.


Featured Webinar: How to Lead Change for Exceptional Results

April 14, 2016 – 9:00am PT
Speaker: Dr. Ichak Adizes

If you are like most of us, you don’t like change. In fact, you might try to avoid it. However, if you are not managing change – that is, solving problems caused by change – you are not leading.

Over the course of more than 40 years, Dr. Ichak Adizes has developed and refined a proprietary methodology that bears his name.

The Adizes Methodology enables corporations, governments, and complex organizations to achieve exceptional results and manage accelerated change without destructive conflicts.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • What are the fatal pitfalls to avoid as a manager in managing change?
  • Why is conflict necessary and even desired in any organization?
  • How to convert conflict from being destructive to constructive?
  • Is your organizational structure designed correctly to enable change?

Register: www.adizes.com/live_lectures

Seating is limited for this event, so we encourage you to reserve your seat asap so you don’t miss out.

Adizes Breakthrough to Prime™ (BTP) Workshop

Learn How to Manage Your Company`s Lifecycle

Has your company outgrown its management practices and systems? Is your company too reliant on you to make operational and strategic decisions? Do you feel that your organization is losing the innovative spirit it used to have?

If any of these issues are what you are experiencing in your company, you need to attend the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime Workshop. The interactive event is the first step towards the introduction of organizational changes to improve the overall management effectiveness of your company.

You will get answers to the following questions by participating in the workshop:

  • What stage of the Corporate Lifecycle is your company in? What problems are normal or abnormal for your company?
  • What is your style of management and how do you assemble a complementary team?
  • What do you need to change in your strategy, structure, accountability and culture to make a transition to the next stage of the Corporate Lifecycle?
  • What are the top priorities and changes you should start working on immediately?

Attendees will leave the workshop with a defined action plan that can be implemented right away.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • May 12-13 – Santa Barbara, CA
  • June 22-23 – Houston, TX

For more information or to register, visit www.adizes.com/btp

“At the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime Workshop, I learned the importance of creating a culture built around sharing responsibility with your peers and subordinates. During the workshop you learn about your own management style and learn to respect those that have a different style of working. I have attended many workshops over the years and the Adizes Breakthrough to Prime workshop was by far the best.”

               – Mike Rans, President, Kinkelder USA

Adizes in the News & Events

Dr. Adizes Featured on Talk Show Live to the full! (Interview is in English)
Watch ithttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ciK7eT3xy4

Blog do Empreendedor (The Entrepreneur Blog) is promoted by O Estado de S.Paulo, a traditional Brazilian newspaper.
Ivan Primo, founder of Pastificio Primo, wrote an article of how Adizes concepts helped him to grow from a small pasta shop to a chain of fine delicatessen shops.  He did all by reading Managing Corporate Lifecycles nine years ago.
You can read about his experience here: A busca da vida longa e próspera de uma empresa

Adizes Podcast
Pavel Golenchenko, Certified Adizes Senior Associate, and 805conversations’ host, Mark Sylvester, recently talked about how to manage corporate lifecycles and specifics about the Adizes style of management consulting.
Listen: http://805connect.com/adizes-institute-worldwide/

Did you miss our February webinar?  
How to Define Your Company’s Mission Statement – A Step by Step Action Plan
Watch it: http://www.adizes.com/live_lectures/

Dr. Adizes’ Huffington Post Blogs


Webinar: How to Lead Change For Exceptional Results
April 14, 2016 – 9:00am PT
Speaker: Dr. Ichak Adizes
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Breakthrough to Prime Workshops – Learn How to Manage Your Company’s Lifecycle

  • May 12-13, 2016 – Santa Barbara, CA – Register
  • June 22-23, 2016 – Houston, TX – Register

Leading Highly Effective Teams, Adizes Integrator’s Training

  • March 30 – April 6, 2016 – Tel Aviv, Israel


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Class Schedule:

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