Announcing the Pursuit of Prime Award 2017!

Congratulations to 1C-Rarus and its entire management team for being named winner of the Adizes Pursuit of Prime Award for the year 2017.

The Pursuit of Prime Award is given to the company that has most faithfully applied the principles of the Adizes Methodology and manifested the highest commitment over time to the methodology.

1C-Rarus, founded in 1994, has helped over 100,000 enterprises achieve their goals quickly and effectively using advanced information technologies.  They first became an Adizes client organization in 2012.

Their commitment to the Adizes methodology was made most apparent in the implementation of Phase VI of the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation.

Phase VI is where the Adizes Profit Tracking and Accountability System (APTAS) is implemented within an organization.

This phase is important because for true accountability, an organization needs more than clear roles. The organization also needs timely access to easy-to-understand managerial information. This managerial information is different from accounting information as it is specifically designed to help break down the organizational black box so that every dollar can be tracked as it travels through the organization. In this way, each dollar can be analyzed in regards to how it added value to the end customer.

Once APTAS is implemented the spending climate within the organization quickly changes. Before implementation, managers may view resources such as money as the organization’s money; after deployment, the system makes the organization more transparent, and it becomes painfully clear whose money (from which budget) is being spent. With this type of transparency and visibility managers become much more cost conscious and immediate financial results can be seen.

This phase has long been the most difficult phase to implement within an organization simply because of the labor required to mine existing accounting information to develop the system.

1C-Rarus showed it’s commitment by not only implementing the APTAS system within their organization in record time but they were also able to use their expertise in accounting software development to automate the entire process.  Once successfully deployed within 1C-Rarus it became clear that this system would be able to save other Adizes clients implementing this same phase a tremendous amount of time and energy while also adding incredible value. 

That was how the Adizes Executive Dashboard (AED) was created.

Once deployed, this AED system automatically mines existing sources of accounting data (without compromising it in anyway) allowing managers to observe the organization’s activities in detail at near real time by simply logging in through an online portal. Any deviations from the preset budget (beyond  pre-established tolerance levels) are flagged. 

By clicking on that flag a manager can drill down through the organizational structure, examining the performance of each subdivision so that the department, geography, or product that is underperforming can be identified and dealt with. This is called “management by exception.” In this way, any troublesome issues can be quickly identified at their source, at near real time, and dealt with in a manner of minutes.

To watch a short video of Dr. Adizes explaining how the AED system works, Click Here Now.

To date, AED has been successfully implemented in many Adizes client

Dmitry Kazachkov, CEO and Managing Partner of                                                                                                     1C- Rarus (left) posses with Dr. Adizes (center)                                                                                                    and Tetyana Tyatina, AED Project leader of 1C - Rarus                                                                                                   (right).

Dmitry Kazachkov, CEO and Managing Partner of
1C- Rarus (left) posses with Dr. Adizes (center)
and Tetyana Tyatina, AED Project leader of 1C – Rarus

organizations. Humberto Padilla, Managing Director of the Adizes Office in Monterrey Mexico adds that: 

“The Adizes Executive Dashboard has been a valuable tool for our clients to help create transparency and accountability within their organizations. Congratulations to Dmitry Kazachkov, Tetyana Tyatina and the rest of the 1C-Rarus team on this tremendous achievement.”

The Pursuit of Prime prize will be accepted by Dmitry Kazachkov, CEO and Managing Partner of 1C-Rarus, during the annual, International Adizes Convention in Santa Barbara, California on February 20 – 22, 2017.

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