Adizes Managing Director Dr. Nir Ben Lavi Delivers Keynote Speech on Strategic Innovation

In July, Dr. Nir Ben Lavi gave a keynote speech focusing on Strategic Innovation – Innovation by Adizes – to decision makers in Beijing, China. The Strategic Innovation methodology is applicable for a generation of new ventures as well as for evoking new products and services that may open the way to new business success. Solely approved by the Israel Ministries of Defense, and Internal Security and Tourism, and successfully implemented in Intel, VMWare, San Disk, Berkshire Hathaway Holdings, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, France Telecom Holdings, RosAtom Holdings, Volvo, General Mills and many other corporations, the Strategic Innovation methodology enables its users to generate, design and implement feasible solutions to real-life challenges related to the business environment.

To view the video introduced after the event please click here.