2016 Highlights

Adizes Colloquia 2016

During this past summer, from July 28th through August 5th the Adizes Institute held its cb44d10c-edfd-4246-a353-b53bb5875f60summer colloquia in Santa Barbara, California.

During this nine-day period, the leadership of the Institute began the rather remarkable process of implementing its own methodology in a move to transition out of the “Founders Trap” and into adolescence.

If you don’t know what the “Founder’s Trap” is, Dr. Adizes explains:

“When I say organizations, I have in mind empires, movements, schools of thought, for-profit-organizations. Many organizations were born, grew to some point, got into a trap where there was no way out and disappeared. The cause for this is a disease called the Founder’s Trap.” (1)

Adolescence is the stage of the organizational lifecycle where the company is reborn. This second birth is an emotional time where the company must find a life apart from that provided by its Founder. This critical transition is much like the rebirth a teenager goes through to establish independence from his or her parents.

During the colloquia, leadership introduced plans for the implementation of the company’s new mission, structure, and strategy.

For example, during the event, Shoham Adizes, the president of the Adizes Institute, presented the new Mission for the Adizes Headquarters, the Adizes Network Structure, and the responsibilities and authorities of the Adizes HQ as they relate to its regional offices worldwide. 

Juan Jose Flores, an Adizes associate from Monterrey, Mexico commented on these positive proceedings, noting that “this event will have an impact on everyone personally and professionally. What’s happening is a good thing. I like working in an environment that’s going to help people.”

Richard Azera, an Adizes associate from Santa Barbara, California concurred.

“This is progress. I like it that this goes beyond seeing people and listening to lectures, gaining knowledge. You actually see the evolution of the people and of the company. You see how everything progresses together and moves forward.”

In addition to discussing plans for moving out of the Founder’s Trap, managing directors also presented case studies, highlighting both challenges and successes with various companies. An enlightening question and answer period followed.

Finally, the new non-degree, certificate program for training was rolled out.

eff61c83-6560-4578-9c69-84e9c40b952e In-between sessions, participants gave one another their undivided attention, met new people, strengthened existing relationships, and ate some awesome food.

Looking forward to the next gathering of Adizes leaders in February 2017, 
Zvezdan Horvat, the Managing Director of Adizes’s Serbian office, said that:

“It was a pleasure to be here. I enjoy meeting everyone from so many different countries. It’s always about the exchange of ideas, as it will be again.”

(1)     Adizes, Ichak. Corporate Lifecycles: How and Why Corporations Grow and Die and What to Do about It. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1988. Print.