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Dr. Adizes Provides a Face for the Youngest Holocaust Victims in Macedonia
The Museum of Tolerance in Macedonia, an institution that has documented the annihilation of the Jewish community during World War II, has now decided to have the whole second floor dedicated to a child who went through the Holocaust. They have chosen to depict Dr. Adizes' life.  In turn, he will provide a face to all the children who were sent to the concentration camps and help youth today, better understand and relate to history.

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes was one of the few survivors from the Holocaust in Macedonia during World War II. Born in 1937 in the city of Skopje, he was only a child when he was taken to the concentration camps where most of his extended family members perished. Now, as an adult, he has contributed tirelessly to the effort to honor and preserve the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

The exhibit will open on March 11, 2013 which is the anniversary when the entire Jewish community of Macedonia was sent to Treblinka.

 Dr. Adizes Will Host Weekly a Radio Show
Beginning January 7, 2012, Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes will host an hour-long show entitled "Adizes Methodology for Collaborative Management for Exceptional Results". The show will be on Saturday mornings at 10 AM Pacific Time. Listeners can tune in by visiting www.voiceamericabusiness.com. Dr. Adizes' shows will also be archived allowing people to listen to them at their convenience.  Listeners will also be able to register onto the RSS feed in order to receive the show automatically.  This is a show that will help listeners "manage everything!" Click here to tune in>>

Adizes Club in Lithuania Gets Under Way
http://adizestopleafvideos.com/images/adizes_logo.pngOn November 9, 2011, the first Adizes Club meeting was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. The club was created by three businessmen who have found great success in their application of the methodology. The group's intent is to gain a deeper understanding of the Adizes Methodology with like-minded people and sharing ideas of its application. Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Adizes Institute International Headquarters Vice President for Western Europe and Baltic States and Adizes Instructor, is serving as a consultant to the group.

The club will meet on a monthly basis. For more information please contact Goda Nevidauskienė at goda@bmda.net.

Insights Trilogy of Books is Complete
Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes has just released the final book of his Insights Trilogy. These books are collections of essays that began as Dr. Adizes' personal observations of the world, which he shared through his weekly blog.  As people responded to him, he rethought some of his positions and rewrote some of his pieces.
The Insights Trilogy is a compilation of his revised blogs. The pieces are characteristically thought-provoking and honest. Dr. Adizes admits that his insights are not founded on scientific fact but rather, they are literally his thoughts based on his own knowledge and experiences.

Insights on Policy is a compilation of essays dealing with governmental policy both within and among nations. They offer a fascinating close-up of how nations around the globe have dealt with the phenomenon of globalization.

In Insights on Management, all of the essays deal with managing organizations. The ideas often evolved out of something he saw, heard, or felt as he consulted to hundreds of companies, governments, and other organizations around the world.

In Insights on Personal Growth—the third in a series of Insights collections—all of the essays deal with personal growth, which he has come to believe, is closely related to professional development. Dr. Adizes noted that his theories of management and change can also be productive when applied to personal and family life since what happens in the private realm, often affects the professional realm, and vice versa.

These books are now available at http://www.adizes.com/store/home.php .

Training on the Conceptual Foundations of the Adizes Methodology in High Demand
The Phase "Zero" Training, also known as, the Breakthrough to Prime Training is often the gateway to the world of transformational management. The seminars are globally available in various languages. In November sixty-five people benefitted from the training.

On November 11, 2011 fifteen people came together in Kiev, Ukraine to learn the conceptual foundations of the Adizes Methodology. The group was facilitated by the country manager in Ukraine, Oleksiy Kapusta and Adizes instructor, Vladimir Pavelko. "We had fifteen brilliant participants from almost all the largest Ukrainian cities," remarked Oleksiy. All of the participants were eager to gain a deeper understanding about the Adizes Methodology and its applications through further training."

Similarly, in Moscow, Russia, thirty people participated in the training. Represented among the participants, were business owners, human resource directors and professional development leaders.  Stanislav Krause, Adizes Certified Associate, provided the instruction at this event.

Meanwhile in Yekaterinburg, Zvezdan Horvat, managing director for Adizes South East Europe shared in the same mission of introducing the Adizes Methodology to a group of twenty company founders and directors. All participants were excited and eager to apply their new learning.

For more information on future offerings, please contact Yolanda Salgado-Tovar at yolanda@adizes.com.

ISM University in Lithuania Supports Students in their Study of Adizes
ISM University School of Management and Economics in Lithuania has integrated the Adizes Methodology into their graduate program curriculum. As such, they have accepted their first thesis proposal based on the Adizes Methodology. The support and foundation that they are providing to their students is helping ensure their graduates' competitive edge in the world market. Other similar research projects are encouraged and are expected in the near future.

Topleaf Programs are Tailored to Meet the Needs of the Participants
TopLeaF continues to provide convenient access to the Adizes Methodology to individual and in-company business leaders worldwide. Moderators bring the instruction into companies and tailor instruction to meet the individual needs. Open groups are organized in a fashion which provide a forum for analysis, discussion and professional exchange of ideas.  Currently, there are TopLeaF programs running in Greece, Mexico, Slovenia, United States, and Serbia.
In Mexico, Roberto Bonilla who has been a TopLeaF Moderator since February 2010 and has successfully run nine TopLeaF groups in the past 22 months, adapted the program to a higher education setting. He established a partnership with the prestigious University of the Americas and the world renowned Technological Institute in Monterrey.  Of his experience at the Technological Institute of Monterrey, he said, "Half of the participants are from the leadership team from the university, and the other half are businessmen. Here, I am blending academic and practical business experience. "

In the United States, TopLeaF Moderator, Ron Ernst, has been working with a company where he has adapted the TopLeaF program to the specific needs of a company.

In Slovenia, Mirko Music is running four different programs concurrently. In particular, he has also been working within a company. There he developed individual programs for particular departments within a company.

TopLeaF's strength not only comes from its rich material and value to companies, but also from it malleability.
Currently, TopLeaF has undergone a renovation making the videos more user friendly, with subtitles in multiple languages. They are in production and will be available to the public in the near future.  For more information regarding TopLeaF videos, please contact Demelza Benton at demelza@adizes.com. For a listing of our Qualified TopLeaF Moderators around the world please visit http://adizes.com/dacp/certified-professional.php .

The Ahmedabad Management Association Learns about the Adizes Methodology
The Ahmedabad Management Association in India hosted the Adizes Institute in India's Country Manager, Harsh Chopra, on November 25, 2011. He introduced the Corporate Lifecycle to more than 120 entrepreneurs and businessmen were in attendance in his presentation titled, "Successful Entrepreneurship - Scale-up to Peak Performance". The question and answer portion of the event provided the opportunity for the participants to express their appreciation for the concepts presented and request follow-up information. The event was widely covered by the local press.

The Ahmedabad Management Association is one of India's strongest professional management organizations providing its members with speakers, training and educational opportunities based on the latest research.

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2011-ldpr_logo_2011.jpg The Adizes Institute Ranked one of the Top 10 Large Consulting Groups by Leadership Excellence

The Adizes Institute was ranked number nine in The 2011 Leadership 500 annual ranking of the best individuals, teams, and organizations in leadership development practices and employee motivation-productivity in the category of Large Consulting Groups.

Over 1000 organizations were evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Vision/mission.  Are your vision and mission statements linked to strategy, meaningful to participants, and focused on target outcomes?
  2. Involvement and participation. How broad is the involvement and how deep the participation?
  3. Measurement and accountability. What ROI measures are made and reported, and to what degree is accountability for performance and results part of the program?
  4. Design, content, and curriculum. How well designed is the program? How credible is the content? How relevant is the curriculum? How customized is the program?
  5. Presenters, presentations, and delivery. What are the qualifications of the presenters, how effective are their presentations, and how is the program delivered?
  6. Take-home value. What do participants take away and apply to improve themselves, their families, their teams, and their volunteer work?
  7. Outreach. What is the impact of the program on stakeholders?

The Institute, continually striving to improve itself, was pleased to see the change from 11th place last year. The listing was published in the October 2011 Special Edition of Leadership Excellence. The magazine has an 187,000 paid membership base including the Fortune 1000 and many of the world's "movers, shakers, and decision makers." 

Dr. Adizes Presents Keynote Address at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the IEDC Business School

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes presented a keynote address at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the IEDC Business School in Bled, Slovenia on October 14, 2011. More than 450 business and political leaders, professors, alumni and friends of IEDC-Bled School of Management listened intently as Dr. Adizes delivered his speech titled, "The Courage to Change". He emphasized that, "we need a new breed of leaders, ‘social leaders' that have the courage to change society driven by materialism to a society driven by values." He stated that people also need to be taught how to think with their hearts, not only with their minds.

Also in attendance were and Prof. Edgar Schein, considered one of the original 'founders' of organizational psychology, and Prof. Manfred Kets de Vries, a world-class authority on global leadership and a clinical professor of leadership development. They were conferred "doctor honoris causa" by IEDC, for their outstanding contribution to creation and integration of knowledge and leadership development for a better world as referenced on the IEDC website.

The event was widely covered by the media. After his speech Dr. Adizes attended to the many requests for interviews that he received. Hrvoje Bogdan, Adizes Associate and Manager of Adizes Southeast Europe, Croatia was in the audience. He was impressed by the level of respect other people expressed for the Adizes Methodology.

More coverage regarding this event is available at:

Adizes Speaker Wows Audiences in Slovenia

Macintosh HD:Users:shohamadizes:Desktop:shoham 123.jpgOn October 13, 2011, Shoham Adizes gave a talk in Slovenia to the Ljubijana University Incubator,  an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, and everyone who would like to become one, test their ideas.  The group had been anticipating that Dr. Adizes would speak to their group but Dr. Adizes fell ill at the last minute and was unable to attend. Fortunately, Shoham Adizes, the Adizes Institute's Vice President of Operations and Certified Adizes Associate, was in Slovenia, and stepped in for his father. Shoham Adizes noted that, "The room was packed and when the announcer announced that Dr. Adizes was sick and that I would speak in his place, the air seemed to drop out of the room.  They were clearly disappointed.  But I was quickly able to interest them with some Adizes concepts and in the end everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  I received a lot of positive feedback."

Macintosh HD:Users:shohamadizes:Desktop:Screen Shot 2011-10-25 at 1.15.35 PM.pngThen, October 15, 2011 Shoham Adizes delivered a lecture on Adizes to the Ypsilon Institute to commemorate their 2nd anniversary in the world famous Postojna Cave in Slovenia.  The Ypsilon Institute (http://ypsilon.si/) represents a focal point and opinion center for Generation Y,  people from the age of 20 to 30 years. In response to contemporary social problems, the Institute unites proactive, reflective and responsible individuals through integration, awareness, education and socially useful projects. "The cave was the most beautiful place I have ever been given the opportunity to speak.  It was simply magical.  It was also very refreshing to have so many young and intelligent people in the audience, so eager to change the world," noted Shoham Adizes.

Adizes Helps People Improve Communication

Hrvoje Bogdan, Certified Associate and Manager of Adizes South East Europe in Croatia, delivered a training titled, "Skills of Communication" the week of October 10, 2011 in Sarajevo. In the training, participants discovered their style of communication according to the Adizes Methodology and learned to recognize other people's styles. They discussed the best approach to take in dealing with the variety of people and practiced communicating with them in business and at a personal level. Furthermore, they learned how to communicate effectively in a group with many communication styles and make decisions as a team. Hrvoje noted that the fact that the participants were from very different industries and represented assorted departments in their companies, enhanced people's experience because they were immediately able to apply their learning in a concrete manner.

Hospital Employees in Denmark also benefitted from Adizes training in communication.

On October 6, 2011, the hospital staff from Regionshospitalet in Herning, Denmark attended a special presentation on good communication by Kjetil Sandermoen, Certified Principal Associate and Vice President for Adizes Central Europe.

Kjetil spoke to a group of about forty social workers and psychiatrists. His main message was "Good communication starts with communicating about ‘the right things' - that is what is important". He emphasized the necessity of having a unified mission, common goals, and clear objectives.  Kjetil explained, "Spending a lot of time on just improving the way we communicate without changing our focus, will not change anything."

The presentation stimulated great discussion and enthusiasm amongst those present.  The participants unanimously agreed, that this was exactly what they needed, providing the team with a new direction.

Kjetil is a strong supporter of his community, and appreciated contributing to the hospital's altruistic efforts. This philanthropic event was organized by Lene Sandermoen, who as Kjetil's wife, is well aware of the value of the Adizes Methodology in all organizations, and as a hospital employee, knew the immeasurable benefit it would be to her colleagues and ultimately to the patients they care for.

"Adizes Problem-Solved" at the Kiyv-Mohyla Business School

Oleksiy Kapusta, Adizes Instructor and Country Manager for the Adizes Institute in Ukraine, and Volodymyr Pavelko, director of Ukraine's Kiyv-Mohyla Business School's MBA program, collaborated in the delivery of the seminar "Adizes Problem Solving" that took place at the business school the week of October 10, 2011. Eleven local company leaders participated in this two day event.  On the first day, the focus was on bringing all of the participants to the same Adizes theory level with the focus on practical opportunities to implement some Adizes practices in their companies. The second day was dedicated to giving the participants an understanding the Adizes Change Philosophy (11 steps of company transformation) and role of the Integrator in this process. The seminar was highly interactive. There were two simulations in which the participants of the seminar were given the opportunity to practice being in the role of Integrator, as well as being other members of a Synerteam. The trainers and the company leaders were very pleased with what they were able to accomplish is such a short amount of time. The participants left with an understanding of the practical implementation of Adizes Methodology and the importance of mutual trust and respect in shaping the corporate culture of a company.

Adizes Southeast Europe Pairs Stimulating Dialogues with Harvest Bounty
C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\DIR52HDZ\MP900386235[1].jpg
The Adizes Southeast Europe office in Belgrade opened its doors to the local business community for an evening of integration and discussions during the week of October 10, 2011. The event was structured according to the world café technique where participants exchanged thoughts and opinions on subjects related to Adizes in small groups while enjoying the fall harvest bounty of locally grown grapes. Forty-five people participated in this event which was facilitated by Zvezdan Horvat, Managing director for Adizes Southeast Europe and Zeljnko Jandric, certified Adizes Associate. For information on future events, please contact Boris Vukic at boris.vukic@adizes.rs.

C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\Pictures\TopLeaF Roberto Bonilla\October 2011-1 fixed.jpgFifth Generation of TopLeaF Participants Complete Program in Mexico

Roberto Bonilla has become synonymous with TopLeaF Programs in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Qualified as a TopLeaF Moderator in Mastering Change and Structures and Lifecycles, he began delivering TopLeaF Programs since 2010. This month, he proudly completed his fifth TopLeaF Group on Structures and Lifecycle of Organizations.  It was delivered in alliance with the prestigious national university, Universidad Iberoamericana.  This was a significant achievement given that the alliance solidified TopLeaF's stance in academia and thus the business community.   He is currently running another TopLeaF program in collaboration with the counterpart university, the Technological Institute of Monterrey.  Roberto has already begun to schedule his offerings for 2012; the first of which will be in February. For more information about these, Roberto may be contacted at rbonilla@tecnosconsultores.com .

Adizes Stimulates Discussion at the European Day of the Entrepreneur

Hrvoje Bogdan, Certified Adizes Associate and manager of Adizes Southeast Europe in Croatia participated in the 8th Edition of the European Day of the Entrepreneur that took place on October 6-7, 2011 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The event was structured as a roundtable composed of fifty of the most respected and forward looking business, government and educational leaders from the European Union, India and the United States.

The international round table was a moderated discussion about world issues. Hrvoje noted, "It was very interesting to discuss what might encourage smart, inclusive and sustainable growth of small and medium enterprises." Hrvoje's contributions regarding his experience with Adizes stimulated the discussion. The participants, most of them having entrepreneurial experience themselves, validated the stages of the corporate lifecycle and were able to relate to what Hrvoje had to say.

The culmination of this event was a letter of recommendation to the European Commission.  One of the recommendations included preparing for the future through education, support and inclusion of our youth.

Harsh Chopra Delivers Adizes Message via Webinar

Harsh Chopra, Managing Director of the Adizes Institute in India, hosted the webinar "Internal Organizational Disintegration" for human resource managers and business leaders on October 20, 2011. The event was a collaborative effort with Planman Consulting, a group well-known amongst Indian businessmen. Approximately fifty-five people logged on. "The question and answer session was lively and had to be cut short due to time," commented Harsh. The recording of the program will be available on YouTube.

Prior to the seminar, Harsh was interviewed by the THF Digital Team. His message was clear, "India has to be viewed as a continent not a country..."
To read the entire interview, please go to: http://www.thfdigital.com/interview/show/slug/test

Breakthrough to Prime Workshop in Santa Barbara a Great Success
Eighteen people convened at the Adizes Institute in Santa Barbara, California from October 27-29, 2011 for the Breakthrough to Prime Workshop. This was a very diverse session that included people from various industries, and countries. The workshop was facilitated by Shoham Adizes, Certified Adizes Associate and Vice President of Operations for the Adizes Institute and Sunil Dovedy, Certified Senior Associate and Managing Director of Adizes Institute Symbergetic Consulting Office in USA. They presented the cornerstones of the Adizes Methodology using highly interactive techniques allowing the participants to experience the power of the Adizes Methodology firsthand.  The next Breakthrough to Prime workshop will take place in Santa Barbara, March 28-30, 2012. Please contact Yolanda yolanda@adizes.com for more information.

C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\OELVBQQ6\MP900425273[1].jpgAdizes Institute Providing Seminars Throughout Russia

The Adizes Institute has organized several introductory level Adizes Methodology seminars throughout Russia. As business leaders throughout the country are looking for better ways of managing change, they are increasingly looking towards Adizes.  The local availability of these seminars has made these events very popular.

A recent example of these was the "Roles and Styles" seminar presented by Dmitry Chichikalyuk, Adizes Certified Associate and Angelina Sham, Adizes Instructor, in Moscow, October 27-29. 2011. The room was full to capacity by entrepreneurs and upper management from several locally based companies. "The participants were satisfied and we received very good feedback," said Dr. Peter Shtrom, Managing Director of the Adizes Institute's, Russian Operations.

For information on upcoming seminars in Russia, please contact Irina Ilyina at Irina@adizes.com.

Adizes Graduate School News...
Adizes Graduate School Represented at EDUNIVERSAL Events in Shanghai

Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Dean of the Adizes Graduate School, took part in EDUNIVERSAL‘s International Scientific Committee (ISC), in Shanghai, China on October 12, 2011. EDUNIVERSAL http://www.eduniversal-ranking.com is the global ranking and information platform which selects the 1000 best business schools from around the world. The International Scientific Committee is composed of eleven members-two executive members from the EDUNIVERSAL staff and nine independent expert members who represent nine academic zones: Africa, North America, South America, Central Asia, Eurasia and Middle East, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Far East Asia, and Oceania. Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas represented the Eastern Europe region. The ISC members reviewed the results of the year 2011 ranking and provided their comments for improvement of the system.

Following the ISC meeting, the Fourth Annual Convention of EDUNIVERSAL started on October 13th and continued through October 14th. At the end of the first day, there was an awards' ceremony for the three best business schools in each academic zone. Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas presented the awards to the schools from Eastern and Central Europe which were the Prague University of Economics, the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University, and the Graduate School of Business Administration of Moscow State University.

C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\UM0XMXEJ\Eduniversal 2011 110.jpgDuring the convention Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas also moderated the workshop "Business School's Standards of Responsible Management Education". He presented practical suggestions on how to teach ethical practices and a sense of responsibility in management education programs. His comments were rooted in the Adizes Methodology.

After the convention, Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas participated in a press conference with Chinese journalists from Shanghai Morning Post, Oriental Morning Post, Educational News Press, and others. Also present, was the CEO of EDUNIVERSAL Mr. Martial Guiette (France) and I SC team member Mr. Axel Shumacher (Germany). They addressed EDUNIVERSAL's contributions amongst other topics.

The International Business Academy Inaugurates Adizes Methodology Laboratory

The Adizes Graduate School and the International Business Academy in Kazakhstan have formed an alliance creating an Adizes Methodology Laboratory at the International Business Academy consisting of six professors and researchers from this Institution. The primary goal of this laboratory is to conduct research using Adizes Methodology and develop consulting skills for International Business Academy faculty members. However, this laboratory will also provide a venue for cooperation with stakeholders from other countries to initiate research on the application of the Adizes Methodology.

Also, the Adizes Methodology and its applications were introduced to a cohort of their MBA students, many who are experienced managers from local and international corporations that are operating in Kazakhstan. The success of this pilot program gave way to further discussions on development joint MBA program between the International Business Academy and the Adizes Graduate School

There Have Been Some Course Offering Changes
The "Theories of Change" course will now being offered winter Session. It will be an online course that will run for eleven weeks starting January 16, 2012.

This seminar focuses on theories of intra-personal, interpersonal, and organizational change, emphasizing systematic models of change processes in human systems and knowledge-intensive environments. Students will examine processes of change at the individual, group, and organizational levels.
Questions that will be explored in this course:

  • What are the major forces driving change in organizations today?
  • How and why do organizations tend to resist change?
  • How can an individual contributor affect change within an organization?
  • What competencies do leaders need to effectively lead change in contemporary organizations and how do these competencies differ from earlier times?
  • How have network technologies affected organizational structure and function?

For more information please go to http://www.adizesgraduateschool.org/ or contact Yolanda@adizes.com

The "Epistemology" course will now be offered spring 2012 Session. It will be an online course will run for eleven weeks starting in May 6, 2012

This course exposes participants to a full range of "ways of knowing" and their implications for organizational life. Both classical and contemporary theories of knowledge and their evolution are explored at the individual, cultural and societal levels. We will trace the roots of the modern western mind through the rationalist versus empiricist orientations to knowledge, the evolution of science and the rise of post-modernism. We will further examine the profound ways in which certain limited orientations to knowledge continue to pervade nearly every aspect of contemporary life. Informed by a deeper understanding of our own orientation to knowledge, we will examine the emerging phenomenon of the knowledge society and the unprecedented epistemological demands being placed on today's management together with their implications for contemporary management theory.

For more information please go to http://www.adizesgraduateschool.org/ or contact Yolanda Salgado-Tovar at  yolanda@adizes.com.

The "Research Methods" Course has been added to the Fall 2012 Session. It will be an online course that will run for eleven weeks starting September 17, 2012

This seminar outlines the fundamental strategies of dissertation-level qualitative research and outlines the competencies necessary for such work. It offers an overview of qualitative approaches to research in the social sciences, including observational methods, grounded theory, and ethnographic methods, among others. This course also examines the role of theory and models in the research enterprise. Students are guided in the development of a concept paper focus and the selection of an appropriate methodology for qualitative social research.

Central Bank of Montenegro Recruits Dr. Adizes
Dr. Ichak Adizes recently accepted the prominent position of Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Central Bank of Montenegro. The Central Bank of the Republic of Montenegro is an independent authority responsible for monetary policy, and establishment and maintenance of sound banking system and efficient payment system operations for the country. Dr. Adizes leadership and visionary skills will provide the committee that direction that is needed to meet the objectives of the establishment.

Figure 1(from left to right) Mr. Radoje Zugić, Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Dr. Ichak Adizes, Mr. Radoiuca Luburić, Executive Director of the Central Bank of Montenegro

Adizes Joins in the Salute to "The Chief of the Year, 2011"
The Adizes Institute Russia has partnered with the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Chamber Industry Chamber, the Leningrad Chamber of Commerce, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Association of Industrial Enterprises of St. Petersburg, as well as the Community Retailer and Companies to salute the most outstanding business leaders in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. The event will take place on October 13, 2011. During this event, the nominees and award recipients are recognized for their contributions to the prosperity of Russia and the welfare of its people. The winners of these prestigious awards receive trophies that symbolize their courage, strength and entrepreneurial spirit.  More than 500 top CEOs and business owners are expected to participate. As sponsors at this event, Adizes will have a stand where Adizes associates Stanislav Krause and Dmitry Chichikalyuk will be on hand to distribute information about Adizes and answer questions. In addition to this, the nominees will all be invited to a seminar especially developed for them. For more information about the event, please go to http://www.shef-goda.ru/1301926944

Adizes Supports Student Organizations
Managing Director for Adizes South Eastern Europe and Certified Adizes Senior Associate, Zvezdan Horvat, is a strong supporter of  student organizations. When he was approached by the AIESEC, a school of economics international student organization to speak to their members, he of course agreed. " We want students to be influenced by the advanced knowledge, to know about Adizes not through books, but in vivo," said Zvezdan.  " We will talk about leadership and management styles during  a 4-5 hour session. Our motivation is connected to the  prosperity of our country and region.  We want to help students, simply."

The event will take place in mid-October.

Adizes responds to CEEMAN’s Query, “Management Education in a Changing World; Are We Ready for the Challenge?"
Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Dean of the Adizes Graduate School, represented Adizes at the CEEMAN’s 19th Annual Conference which was held September 21-24, 2011 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He responded to CEEMAN’S theme through his presentation, “Business Education in Search for New Learning Partnerships with Businesses”. In it, he addressed the following questions:

  • What are schools doing to find out which kind of partnerships businesses are expecting?
  • How do they try to meet those expectations?
  • Are they forecasting the changes in those expectations?
  • Who will deliver those expectations?

Virginijus talked about how the Adizes Graduate School and the Adizes Methodology provides the appropriate vehicle by which to address the ongoing processes of change and transformation taking place in business education and leadership development around the world.
The audience consisted of   130 participants from 32 countries the Adizes Methodology. They were excited about what Virginijus had to say and various people expressed their interest in a future collaboration with the Adizes Graduate School. Amongst these was the International Academy of Business in Kazakhstan where an agreement has been reached to have a pilot project where some AGS courses will be delivered in Kazakhstan.
The Caucasus University Faculty, hosts of the event, expressed their commitment in learning more about the Adizes Methodology and participating in future trainings.

“CEEMAN is an international management development association established in 1993 with the aim of accelerating the growth in quality of management development in central and eastern Europe.”

For more information please visit the CEEMAN website. http://www.ceeman.org/pages/en/about-us.html

Carrots written by Adizes Associate, Bo Jaghult, is Now Available in English
Bo Jaghult, Adizes Certified Principal Associate and celebrated Author, has just released his most recent publication, Morötter (or Carrots in English). Carrots is a book that explores the concept of motivations in the work place. In this this book he addresses the questions, “Do you have to give a remunerative reward to motivate people? Do people require a remunerative incentive to produce good results?” His insights are based on first-hand experiences he acquired over his more than 30 years of experience as a management consultant for government agencies and companies in the public and private sector worldwide. Though he provides a theoretical premise, his approach is simple and practical. It provides the reader with tangible examples that illustrate his points and provides practical suggestions for implementation. This is a must read for people who are challenged by the question of providing incentives for their workforce.

See below excerpts from the first chapter in Carrots.

“There may be cases where incentives are not granted by another person.  It is possible that motivation – the incentive to perform certain acts - comes from within.  One example is a missionary.  The incentive that motivates missionaries is not external; it is a spiritual reward, a higher calling, that makes the work rewarding.  Another example is the artist who seeks immortality through his work rather than remuneration in this world.  It is satisfaction and inspiration that keeps these people going. This has to do with self-satisfaction that is sufficient compensation without the need for any other driving force.

But in most cases there is a grantor of the incentive, someone who gives something in order to motivate the desired behavior. This interaction and the possibility of understanding each other’s motives and why one does things in a certain manner and not in another, is what this book is about.”

“After hearing a presentation on incentives and motivation in one company, the CEO responded: ”This is not a social thing in this company. We only hire motivated personnel. Then we expect they will perform. “A little while later, in a meeting with one of his reports, the CEO said to the manager: “If you are not able to reach these goals, I am not able to understand why you have such a high salary. We should talk about the level of your compensation.”

At that moment, the motivation of the manager was reduced considerably. The threat presented to him was obvious.

To hire motivated employees is fine. To keep them motivated is something quite different.
As a manager it is very easy to de-motivate others.”

“If these rewards come regularly or systematically and also have a direct connection to a specific effort or result – then we may refer to them as an incentive system. In order to constitute an incentive system, the potential rewards should be known in advance, so that one is aware of them before the work is performed.

The essential principal regarding incentives is that receiving them requires action by others. Something is received: admiration, recognition or remuneration.

Incentives cannot be taken; they may only be given.”

Morötter (Carrots) was originally released in Swedish in 2005. Other books written by him are  Målsamverkan (Cooperation in Goals , 1973) , Planeringssamtalet (The Appraisal Interview, 1975, 1988), and Värdering och styrning av kunskapsföretag  (Management of Knowledge-based Companies, 1989). He also co-authored Ledarskap (Leadership, 1974),  Kvalitetsarbete i praktiken (Quality Work in Practice, 1984) and  Ledningsgruppens dynamic ( The Dynamics in the Management Group  , 2002) . Bo has written several articles on Management Development and Organizational Change as well.
For more information or to order books, please visit his website http://www.morotter.se/or e-mail him directly bo.jaghult@adizes.se

Transitioning Businesses from Founders to Their Children
Transitioning business from one generation to the next can be very difficult, but when done right, can be a cornerstone for future generations.  In response to this need, Boris Vukic, Adizes Certified Associate from Adizes Southeast Europe, collaborated with other associates to develop the seminar called, “When Organizations Grow and You Grow Faster than Them.” The goals of the seminar were for new generations to understand what it means to lead their companies; what they have to learn to be leaders of the future; to understand the founders and develop better relationships with them; to establish new business connections which are not under the founders’ umbrella.

The seminar was held from September 14-17, 2011 on the beautiful Frisca Gora Mountain near Novi Sad. Part of their learning was done on location at a family owned winery. Besides being able to observe a multi-generation enterprise participants have an opportunity to pick grapes in the vineyard and taste some of the wines.   There were thirteen founder’s children from Serbia and Bosnia, from various industries and backgrounds.  They and their parents reported finding the information relevant and useful.

Salvador Rodriguez Addresses the Industrial Salvadorian Association
Salvador Rodriguez, Certified Adizes Associate and Managing Director for Adizes Central America, was the featured speaker at the Industrial Salvadorian Association's 7th Annual Convention which took place October 5-7, 2011, in San Salvador. He was asked to address the country's top business leaders on the topic of " Innovation: Tools for Overcoming Crisis”. This was a subject of particular interest, since El Salvador’s economy has been greatly affected by the global economic crisis. In recognition of his expertise and his exceptional speaking ability, Salvador was invited back as the featured speaker for this event for a third time.

Dr. Adizes Inspires Top-Achieving Russian Youths
Top achieving students were selected from various universities throughout Russia to attend a special presentation by Dr. Ichak Adizes, sponsored by Sberbank of Russia. On the evening of September 21, 2011, The House of Music in Moscow was brimming with more than 500 excited faces anxious to hear what Dr. Adizes had to say. Dr. Adizes did not disappoint. He delivered and awe- inspiring presentation on leadership. In consideration for the people who were not able to attend, the event was streamed live online. It was also recorded for television and will be broadcast on channel 24 in Russia sometime in October. The audience was mesmerized and demonstrated their appreciation through a large ovation.

After the presentation Dr. Adizes responded to questions posed by the local media. This event was possible thanks to the generosity of Sberbank of Russia.

Choosing a Gateway to the Adizes Methodology
For most people in the business community, their first exposure to Adizes Methodology Training is the Breakthrough to Prime Workshop. This is highly interactive live seminar which is specifically designed for leaders in industry and government who seek insight into managing the tremendous change that constantly occurs around them. The participants learn the cornerstones of the Adizes Methodology.  These include powerful concepts such as coalesce authority power and influence (CAPI) and the specifics of differential managerial styles (PAIE). The program is available worldwide. Breakthrough to Prime Workshops have recently been held during September and early October in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Mexico.
In academia, we offer the Mastering Change Workshop.  Though slightly more academic in nature, this too provides the fundamentals of the Adizes Methodology. In this training there is an understanding that the participants are people who will be going into the work force or will be preparing people to go into the workforce. In September, Adizes Associate, Pavel Golenchenko, recently delivered this training in Kazakhstan to a group of 18 businessmen and to University faculty members.

As we strive to meet the demand new workshops are added as needed. The next Breakthrough to Prime Workshops are scheduled to be held in Santa Barbara County, October, 27-29, 2011 and November 5-6, 2011 in Lithuania. For more information please contact Yolanda Salgado Tovar Yolanda@Adizes.com or check our upcoming events section on our website www.adizes.com

Adizes Supports Those Who Are Easing the Economic Crunch for Small Businesses
For most people in the business community, their first exposure to Adizes Methodology Training is the Breakthrough to Prime Workshop. This is highly interactive live seminar which is specifically designed for leaders in industry and government who seek insight into managing the tremendous change that constantly occurs around them. The participants learn the cornerstones of the Adizes Methodology.  These include powerful concepts such as coalesce authority power and influence (CAPI) and the specifics of differential managerial styles (PAIE). The program is available worldwide. Breakthrough to Prime Workshops have recently been held during September and early October in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Mexico.
In academia, we offer the Mastering Change Workshop.  Though slightly more academic in nature, this too provides the fundamentals of the Adizes Methodology. In this training there is an understanding that the participants are people who will be going into the work force or will be preparing people to go into the workforce. In September, Adizes Associate, Pavel Golenchenko, recently delivered this training in Kazakhstan to a group of 18 businessmen and to University faculty members.

As we strive to meet the demand new workshops are added as needed. The next Breakthrough to Prime Workshops are scheduled to be held in Santa Barbara County, October, 27-29, 2011 and November 5-6, 2011 in Lithuania. For more information please contact Yolanda Salgado Tovar Yolanda@Adizes.com or check our upcoming events section on our website www.adizes.com

The University of Sarajevo taps into the Adizes Southeast Europe’s Expertise
For most people in the business community, their first exposure to Adizes Methodology Training is the Breakthrough to Prime Workshop. This is highly interactive live seminar which is specifically designed for leaders in industry and government who seek insight into managing the tremendous change that constantly occurs around them. The participants learn the cornerstones of the Adizes Methodology.  These include powerful concepts such as coalesce authority power and influence (CAPI) and the specifics of differential managerial styles (PAIE). The program is available worldwide. Breakthrough to Prime Workshops have recently been held during September and early October in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Mexico.
In academia, we offer the Mastering Change Workshop.  Though slightly more academic in nature, this too provides the fundamentals of the Adizes Methodology. In this training there is an understanding that the participants are people who will be going into the work force or will be preparing people to go into the workforce. In September, Adizes Associate, Pavel Golenchenko, recently delivered this training in Kazakhstan to a group of 18 businessmen and to University faculty members.

As we strive to meet the demand new workshops are added as needed. The next Breakthrough to Prime Workshops are scheduled to be held in Santa Barbara County, October, 27-29, 2011 and November 5-6, 2011 in Lithuania. For more information please contact Yolanda Salgado Tovar Yolanda@Adizes.com or check our upcoming events section on our website www.adizes.com

TopLeaF® Benefiting Leaders Worldwide
Entrepreneurs and top executives from around the world are continuing to benefit from the guidance, critical insights and peer support provided by TopLeaF Groups. On October 4, 2011, Pavel Golenchenko successfully completed his ten week session with a group of twenty business leaders in Belarus. In Mexico, Roberto Bonilla is currently running two TopLeaF Groups in a collaborative effort with the distinguished University Tecnologico de Monterrey.
In addition to dramatically improving the leadership skills of top executives and managers, TopLeaF is giving  organizations a way to effectively and affordably develop teams of future leaders necessary for continued success. A company in Greece, has recently begun an In-Company TopLeaF Group under the direction of Mr. George Karadimas. A company in the United States has also opted for an In -Company TopLeaF Group, moderated by Mr. Ron Ernst.

To see a list of TopLeaF providers around the world please visit http://adizes.com/dacp/certified-professional.php

Sberbank’s Top 50 clients Treated to a Morning with Dr. Adizes
On morning of September 21, 2011, Dr. Adizes delivered a lecture to the top 50 clients of the largest bank of Russia about the lifecycle of organizations.  This lecture took place at the famous Ukriana Hotel in Moscow and was met by great acclaim by all those who attended.

News from the Adizes Graduate School…

Dr. Beck to Speak Before the French National Assembly
The distinguished Dr. Don Beck, Adizes Graduate School professor, has been selected to address the French National Assembly regarding the causes of radicalism October 25-26, 2011.
Dr. Don Beck, is a leading global authority on value systems, societal change, and stratified democracy. He is best known for his theory on Spiral Dynamics, an advanced extension and elaboration of the biopsychosocial systems concept originated by the late Dr. Clare W. Graves.

He has consulted worldwide. His work ranges from the south side of Chicago addressing the problems faced by inner-city schools; boardrooms of major banks, energy companies, airlines, and government agencies. His work also took him to South Africa where he played a pivotal role in their historic transition from Apartheid to Democracy.

Dr. Beck is a successful, published author whose work includes the co-authoring of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change with Christopher C. Cowan (Blackwell Publishers, 1996) and  The Crucible: Forging South Africa’s Future with Graham Linscott (New Paradigm Press, 1991).

Take a class with Dr. Beck
Dr. Beck will be in Santa Barbara, CA November 14-19, 2011 where he will teach Spiral Dynamics Course Level 1-2 Certifications. For more information please see http://www.adizesgraduateschool.org/sdi_seminars.html or contact yolanda@adizes.com .

Clients Chill-Out with Adizes Southeast Europe

Adizes Southeast Europe created the perfect combination for beating the summer heat by pairing the Adizes Methodology with ice cream. They organized a series of workshops where they used an Adizes video as an anchor for discussion and exchange of experiences while enjoying a bowl of ice cream. The discussion topics were: Improving Processes and Procedures, How to Encourage Innovation and Creativity of Employees, Creating a System of Responsibility in the Company, and Project Organization.

As the ultimate break from the summer heat, from July 11-15, they organized a summer camp for business managers in the beautiful Pahuljica (Snowflake) mountain resort in Vlasic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fresh mountain air and the lush green trees provided the perfect respit from the citys hot asphalt, traffic and crowds. The camp was hosted by Zvezdan Horvat and Boris Vukic who guided the participants in preparation for new business success in a different way. The days were planned modularly to allow for participation on only selected dates or the the entire week.
If you are interested in partipating their their summer series in August, please contact ivana.bartolovic@adizes.hr or visit their website, http://www.adizes.hr/

TopLeaF Supporting Top-Managers in Belarus
Twenty-five Belarusian Top-Managers have been developing their management skills through the TopLeaF Program. In a country besieged by political and economic instability, Adizes Belarus had been helping top-management contend with their ever-changing environment providing them the skills and the support to manage change more effectively. The groups have been small, providing ample opportunities for individualization and discussion.  Recently, a cohort of five completed their ten week program. The participants were optimistic about the potential that their training provided. The second cohort will be finishing in September. A celebratory dinner is planned.

Lifecycles Lecture a Success in St. Peterburg

On July 25, 2011, Dmitry Chichikalyuk delivered a lecture on Corporate Lifecycles to a group of human resource managers and directors from various corporations.  The participants were very forward-looking people who were enthusiastic and positive about the information that was presented, expressing interest in having the methodology shared with their employees through in-company training. The event was a collaborative effort between the Adizes Institute Russia and the Coaching Institute.

Adizes Business Consulting Website Goes Live!

 Adizes Business Consulting in the Southeast Europe Region is excited to unveil their new website. The site includes general information about the Adizes Methodology but features information about their specific offerings and articles that may be of interest. The next step in this project will be to translate it to Serbian as it currently only in English.  To visit the website, go to www.adizesbc.biz.

Workshop Series in India Received Enthusiastically

The Adizes Institute in India has been sponsoring a series of public, one day,  introduction to Adizes Workshops entitled, "Successful Entrepreneurship - Professionalise without losing vitality"  These have been largely attended by Indias Entrepreneurs and CEOs. The participants have provided evaluations attesting to the fact that they have found the Adizes Methodology pertinent and valuable. Harsh Chopra, Adizes Country Manager for India, noted how at the conclusion of the presentation of Dr. Adizes video, Aristocracy, the participants broke out into spontaneous applause.






News from the Adizes Graduate School

Dr. Bruce LaRue, Adizes Graduate School Professor, received the #1 recognition for his presentation at the Sao Paula Chamber of Commerce, Brazil, in 2010.  For the full story and the latest news regarding Adizes Graduate School faculty members and students, please see the AGS Quarterly E-Newsletter (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs065/1102467033809/archive/1106028929299.html).  And

To browse through past newsletters and other media provided by core faculty, visit the AGS website (http://www.adizesgraduateschool.org/news_archives.html).

Applications Now Being Accepted for Winter Quarter

Join students from Norway, Romania, Thailand, Greece, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Iceland, Croatia, Canada and all across the U.S. in the spirit of inquiry as you earn your Ph.Ds or Master online.  Applications are now being accepted for Winter Quarter. Be sure to acquire transcripts and other documentation early! For more information or to apply, please go to our website http://www.adizesgraduateschool.org/ or Contact stephanie@adizes.com. The application deadline is December 5th.

Dr. Ichak Kalderon AdizesThe XXXIII Adizes International Convention- Adizes Rises in the East - proclaimed The Best Ever!

The XXXIII Annual Adizes International Convention was held June 30-July 2, 2011in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the Le Meridien Hotel. It brought together more than ninety people from nineteen countries for high level professional discussions, learning, sharing, and camaraderie.

Adizes Rises in the East was selected as this years convention theme in homage to the time and effort invested over the past five years in bringing the Adizes Methodology to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  Shoham Adizes, the conventions program director notes, Books were translated, courses were given and associates were developed.  It is now, after much investment, that we are beginning to see a critical mass being created and the fruits of our labor realized.  We have seen a dramatic increase in interest for Adizes services across the region and more often than not those services are being delivered by trained and certified local resources.  Our operations in this region are increasing at an exponential rate and having a real impact on how management is perceived.  So we are happy to say that Adizes is Rising in the East.
From left to right: Matjaz Cadez, Pursuit of the Prime Award Recipient, Mirko Music, Bo Jaghult, Horvoje Bogdan
Gintaras Steponavi?ius, Lithuanias Minister of Education and Science, warmly welcomed the participants to the Convention and to Lithuania. Aage Myhre, Editor-in-Chief of Vil News, who is also an architect, journalist and philanthropist, offered some local wisdom through his presentation The Lithuania You Probably Dont Know About. This years program featured some of the most experienced Adizes Methodology Practitioners including: Zvezdan Horvat, Boris Vukic, Kjetil Sandermoen, and Shoham Adizes who shared their knowledge.

The Founders Session, where Dr. Adizes addresses the audience and presents the latest illuminations from his personal and professional journey over the past year, is consistently one of the highlights of the convention. This year was no exception. Nebojsa Caric remarked how inspired he felt by Dr. Adizes insights which reflect the latent spiritual dimension that colours the methodology and the profession.

Dr. Peter Shtrom, Associate of the Year Award RecipientDuring the event, Mataj Cadez and his company, Halcom, were presented with the distinguished Pursuit of the Prime Award. This award is an honor bestowed upon a company that manifests unwavering dedication over time, to build and nurture an organizational culture of mutual trust and respect, as encouraged through the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation.  In his presentation, Mr. Cadez expressed how invaluable Adizes has proven to be for his company and how he is now providing a model for other companies to follow. 

The Associate of the Year Award was presented to Dr. Peter Shtrom for his outstanding dedication and profound contributions towards advancing Adizes goals and vision.

Per Waage, CEO of Statens Innkrevingssentral-National Collection Centre of Norway, made a special appearance to share his reflections on how the Adizes Methodology has worked after applying it to his work over several years.

The spouses of the Adizes Associates contribute significantly to the Adizes Network and as such they have special activities at the Convention.  Notably, they participated in the Spouses Forum moderated by Nurit Adizes, Dr. Adizes wife.

There were several opportunities for integration.  The participants enjoyed an excursion to the medieval capital of Lithuania, Trakai, where they had the opportunity to visit the castle and have a lunch with local delicacies.  The conventions closing ceremonies took place in Vilnius at the Forum Palace with live entertainment, singing and dancing.

From left to right: Carlos Valdesuso, Vera Marina Jorge, Shimon Rojany

Virginijus KundrotasThe Convention was hosted by Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas, Vice President of the Adizes Institute of West Europe and the Baltics. Dr. Kundrotas said, It was a great pleasure for me and the whole team of Adizes West Europe and Baltics area office to serve you and to do our best for you to feel welcome in Lithuania!

The convention was also made possible through the generosity and support of the Hotel Le Meridian in Vilnius, LINAS, and the Mega Euro Group-MEG.
Convention participants variously described the convention as flawlessly organized; a wonderful family environment; incredible team-building spirit; friendly and professional atmosphere.  Dr. Adizes put it quite simply, It was the best ever!
Please see www.VilNews.com , an electronic Lithuanian e-magazine, for some highlights of the convention by the Chief Editor Aage Myhre, who was also one of the speakers at the Convention.
C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\Pictures\convention gala group.jpg

Please enjoy these photo galleries from the convention:

Opening Dinner Gallery

1st Day of Convention Gallery

2nd Day of Convention Gallery

Gala Dinner Gallery

Tour to Trakai Gallery

World Cafe

June 29th Colloquia

June 30th Colloquia

Adizes Associates and Affiliates Recharge Their Batteries

Nebjosa CaricMore than thirty Adizes Associates and Affiliates met June 29-30, 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania prior to the Adizes Convention to discuss professional issues related to the delivery of the Adizes Methodology.  These colloquia are a safe environment where practitioners of the methodology can openly discuss challenges they have faced in applying the Adizes Methodology and share approaches and ideas. Those present, also benefited from Nebojsa Carics expertise. Having been involved with Adizes since 1994 and certified in Phases I-X, Mr. Caric has plenty of experience to pull from. He spoke on How to implement Adizes when six other methodologies already exist within a client's company" and "The essence of strategic planning - how to craft a strategy" These sessions prompted exceptionally enriching and pertinent discussions.

The colloquia are also where potential Adizes Associates present their internships that qualify them for their certification. This year, three people warranted certification and the title of Adizes Symbergetic Consultant. They were Dimitry Chichikalyuk, Irina Binetskaya, and Tatiana Kardyumova. They received their official recognition as associates at the convention and were collectively congratulated on their success.C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\Documents\My Dropbox\Adizes Convention in Vilnius\Adizes Convention in Vilnius\Opening dinner\IMG_4400.JPG

Insights on Policy Book Review
Dr. Adizes most recent book, Insights on Policy (Paperback) was recently reviewed by Charles Ashbacher, one of the 50 top reviewers for Amazon.com.  Here is what he had to say about the book.

5.0 out of 5 stars The words of a true management guru and a cosmopolitan man, July 2, 2011

Adizes has a history of accomplishments in management that may be unmatched. He has travelled the world providing his expertise to many governments and organizations, some of which reacted unfavorably to his advice. Despite the occasional negative reaction to his contributions, Adizes has received an enormous number of prestigious awards, including fifteen honorary doctorates.

This book is a collection of thoughts that Adizes has expressed on the major problems of the world. The range and depth of the problems is considerable, everything to the growing dominance of American media and fast-moving culture in the world to possible solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Adizes is Jewish and he is very philosophical about the long-term suffering of the Jewish people, using that to explain how the Israelis stoically react to terrorist acts. As a former member of the Israeli military, Adizes takes a pro-Israeli position regarding the differences in the two sides when it comes to a willingness to tolerate collateral damage. However, he is very realistic when he talks about the relative birthrates of Jewish and Arab Israelis and how it means that Arab Israelis will at some point be the majority in the country.

Adizes was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1937 and his immediate family barely survived being consumed by the Holocaust in World War II. 133 members of his extended family did not. While the reasons for their escape are fascinating, the most significant consequence for this book is that Adizes also offers up some explanation for the explosion of hatred between the ethnic groups in what was once Yugoslavia as well as some solutions to the continuing problems in the Balkans.

His insights into the problems of the world are considerable, yet like all solutions to big problems there is a great deal of room to disagree. Even Adizes sometimes says that his solutions may not be practical. While you may not agree with everything Adizes says and quite frankly few knowledgeable people would, there is no question that those same people will recognize that he is a deep and experienced thinker. One source claims that he consults using seven different languages, truly a cosmopolitan man.

By Charles Ashbacher "(cashbacher@yahoo.com)" (Marion, Iowa United States(cashbacher@yahoo.com)) - See all of his reviews (TOP 50 REVIEWER) (VINE VOICE)
To purchase Insights on Policy, by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes please go to http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=insights+on+policy+ichak+adizes&rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Ainsights+on+policy+ichak+adizes&ajr=0

Boris Vukic Making Guest Appearances

Boris Vukic, Adizes Associate who has received ample recognition for his informative and engaging presentations, was recently invited to be the opening speaker at the Conference Tools for Modern Business which took place in Belgrade the week of June 20, 2011.  His presentation was entitled "Traps in a Growing Company". The event was a collaborative effort between the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Internet Mirror.  Boris addressed more than 50 participants who were owners and managers from small- and medium- sized companies.

On June 23, 2011, he was a guest on national Serbian television on the business show called "Profile and Profit". He spoke on the topic "Wild ones", using this term to explain the nature and characteristics of entrepreneurs and company owners.  The discussion will be carried over multiple shows.

Adizes is Now Part of an Elective Curriculum at Ukrainian Universities

The Adizes Institute in Ukraine is forging an alliance with local Ukrainian Universities to prepare future leaders to effectively harness change. Oleksiy Kapusta, the country manager for Ukraine, has been working closely with these institutions of higher education.

On June 1, 2011 he provided a two-day elective seminar for the MBA students at the most prestigious business school in Ukraine - Kiev Mohyla Business School (KMBS). The seminar was delivered in partnership with his respected colleague Vladimir Pavelko. To their surprise, the course was attended by the universitys president who actively participated in the course with everyone else.

On June 4, 2011 Mr. Kapusta also provided a 1-day elective program for two MBA groups in Dnepropetrovsk for the University of Economics.

Both events were very well received. Since the universities are committed to continuing to provide the best innovative educational opportunities to their students, a continuation of this alliance is expected.

Dr. Adizes Builds Excitement in Poland

On June 9, 2011, in Warsaw, Poland, Dr. Adizes shared his methodology and insights at an exclusive engagement entitled Can Business Growth Last Continuously? held at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. The event was a big success said Virginijus Kundrotas , Dean of the Adizes Graduate School and Vice President of the Adizes Institute in West Europe and the Baltics, who was in the audience.  He noted The people were very excited about the Adizes Methodology. Polands growing economy is prime to benefit from what Adizes has to offer. The seminar was a coordinated by the XXXIII Seminar of the Series Authorities.

What is APTAS?

APTAS or the Adizes Profitability Tracking and Accounting System, is a financial information system used to help facilitate the implementation of The Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation.

The reason there is a need for APTAS is that although information systems should ideally reflect a companys structure, they often do not. Thus, there is a need to transition from the way in which information systems routinely function to a more useful and relevant way.  APTAS facilitates the implementation of the new information system by mapping accounting data to reflect the new structure and sharing rules. The alignment of the information systems is essential for the implementation of the new structure (Phase V).

In Adizes Brazil they have computing resources and staff to support APTAS deployment at clients in various countries. Those resources include supporting APTAS users, providing temporary hosting facilities, and making adjustments to tailor specific client requirements.  They recently increased the staff and the Information Technology resources to better support an increasing number of users. The staff is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Currently, Adizes has APTAS users in Russia, USA, Brazil, Slovenia and Mexico.

APTAS is a work in process given that it is continuously being reviewed and updated. Presently, they are evaluating the addition of a Microsoft Report Generator to expand APTAS reporting capabilities.

Adizes Southeast Europe Celebrates Clients

cid:335518CD-4E2B-490F-8F9F-8F09DA7E1F84/P6030365.JPGMore than fifty people from the five countries of former Yugoslavia came together in Ivanjica, Central Serbia, at the Adizes Southeast Europes Adizes Club gathering held during the week of June 1, 2011. The Adizes Club is comprised of clients, former clients and people interested in Adizes. However, as Boris Vukic puts it, many of them are not only our business friends but rather they are our friends that we met through business. The event was hosted by long-time client, Mr. Goran Jankovic and his Inmold Company. His sponsorship made the event possible. The days program included lectures about: The Newest Advancement in Social Networking; The History of Money and special topics on Adizes including The Founders Trap and Young Generation Development.  Additionally, there were moderated discussions on topics related to leadership.

The participants also had the opportunity to enjoy some of the local attractions that are community favorites. They visited the famous Hadi-Prodan's cave and had lunch next to the Moravica River. After that, they had the opportunity to tour the hosts factory where he is utilizing some of the most advanced technology that has historically only been available in the main cities in cid:3EAD49DE-E762-4781-B46A-8902F6E102C7/P6030333.JPGSerbia. The culmination of the day was a visit to the Orthodox Church near Pozega. There, the participants were treated to dinner and were entertained by a trumpet orchestra in the church yard. It was a mix of music, dancing and singing.
The event was documented by a crew from the first channel of national television.  They will prepare a special report for a business show that will be aired in the near future.  A longer version of the show will be broadcasted on 22 regional TV stations. 
Zvezdan Horvat, Managing and Professional Director of Adizes Southeast Europe, expressed the sentiments of all: The Adizes Club was great success and we really had a very pleasant time.

News From the Adizes Graduate School
The Adizes Graduate School is an institution that offers Master and Doctoral programs for the study of Leadership, Change and the Management of Complex Systems. The website for additional information is http://www.adizesgraduateschool.org/

The following was written by Roberto Bonilla, Organizational Co-Pilot, and Social Orchestrator from Mxico. Mr.  Bonilla is a current doctoral student at the Adizes Graduate School. 

By chance, I came across the book Mastering Change in a bookstore in Monterrey, Mexico in 1994, although it was not the first time that I had heard about Dr. Adizes. My first exposure to Dr. Adizes occurred during my time as a professor at Monterreys Technological Institute. The director of the program recounted how several years prior, Dr. Adizes had consulted with them. As a result, he had acquired several valuable strategies from that experience which he continued to apply in his work with us.

The book, Mastering Change, motivated me to travel to Santa Barbara and attend a three day seminar with Dr. Adizes. It was during that trip that I learned about the Adizes Graduate School and their masters and doctorate programs.

Initially, there were three aspects of the doctorate program that I found appealing:

  • Firstly, it was 100% online and asynchronous, which tied in well with my needs as a business consultant and a social activist. I travel a lot and that flexibility was very attractive to me.
  • The curriculum focused on transforming organizations (private companies, government, corporations)
  • They explored different schools of thought, not only the Adizes Methodology, and pushed students to design as a thesis topic, their own change model, derived from their experience and learning in the doctoral program

Then, after taking the first courses I found:

  • The professors are first class, with high standards of excellence and experienced in facilitating groups online
  • The groups are small, 6 to 8 students, and they are from the most diverse cultures and countries which greatly enriched my learning experience

I am close to submitting my dissertation proposal and subsequently develop my thesis. Undoubtedly, I wish to finish my doctorate as soon as possible, but at the same time, I feel that I will miss the intense pace of reading, the interaction with the instructors and fellow students, and writing weekly reflections on my learning while receiving feedback from my teachers and peers or providing it to them.

It seems that the teaching model that the Adizes Graduate School adopted was designed with exactly my learning style and needs in mind.

In the Winter 2010-2011 Term, Mr. Bonilla wrote an analysis of the economic state of Mexico entitled Mexico from an Economic Miracle to Potential Failed State. This was one of his weekly submissions for the course on System Lifecycles taught by Dr. Janet Durgin. To see more of his work please go to http://integralleadershipreview.com/2011/03/notes-from-the-field-2/  .

This fall, the Adizes Graduate School will be providing the course Systems Thinking taught by Dr. Bruce LaRue.

Dr.  LaRue is co-founder of The Provarus Group, a consulting firm specializing in executive development and human capital management. Dr. LaRue has focused much of his career on the emergence of the knowledge economy and its implications for the development of leadership competencies in distributed, technologically complex organizations. He recently published a book, via John Wiley & Sons, called Leading Organizations from the Inside Out that examines emerging strategies for organizational change and leadership.

  Course Description

This course will provide participants with a theoretical and practical introduction to a field that has emerged in recent decades from the natural sciences, and has recently begun to penetrate the management and social sciences. Systems thinking, and in particular complexity theory, has begun in recent years to challenge the mechanistic paradigm based on hierarchy, control, reductionism, and predictability with one of complex adaptive systems that co-evolve with their environment and self-organize as they are pushed far from equilibrium. Emerging from recent advances in our understanding of the biological sciences, current debates in the field of complexity theory revolve around the unique distinctions among biological organisms and human social systems. Themes we will cover in this course include:

  • The historical evolution of systems thinking and complexity science
  • How the process of biological evolution differs from human learning, cognition, and communicative action
  • Implications of complexity theory for individual development, organizational change, and leadership
  • Implications of complexity theory for economic and environmental sustainability

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the principles of systems thinking and complexity theory, and will explore how to apply this new understanding to personal development, leadership, organizational change, and the sustainable evolution of human society.

The Adizes Graduate School is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2011 Term. They are due August 1, 2011. For more information or to get an application, please go to http://www.adizesgraduateschool.org/ or contact Stephanie Galindo at Degree@Adizes.com.

C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\OV9E9L52\MP900400812[1].jpg Dr. Adizes' Thoughts on Russian Management and Leadership Styles Published
Dr. Adizes' opinion article on Russian Management and Leadership Styles was published in the May 2011 International Academy of Management Newsletter. It was derived from observations that he has made while providing consulting services to some major Russian corporations, and also while lecturing to top executives in both Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States countries over the last ten years.

His experience working in more than fifty countries enabled him to compare the management styles, systems, and culture that he has observed elsewhere, to his Russian experience. He used theoretical concepts from his theory of management, as a basis for his opinions about his observations.
The Harvard Business Review of Russia also accepted Dr. Adizes opinion article on the Russian Managerial Style and will be publishing a version of it later this year.

Adizes Guadalajara Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs
Humberto Padilla, Adizes Symbergetic Consultant from Mexico, was a guest speaker during the week of May 16, 2011 at the Graduate Management Institute, Instituto Panamerico De Alta Direccion de Empresa (IPADE), one of the leading academic institutions of Latin America. He spoke to the Introduction to Business Management class which was composed of approximately 30 young entrepreneurs on the basics of the Adizes Methodology.

Adizes Guadalajara has also been collaborating with the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Last semester, they taught the TopLeaF® Seminar as a course in the business department. The students provided very positive feedback at its conclusion. As a result, the university has invited the Adizes Institute Mexico to teach the course again and is actively promoting it.
Although the relationship with the universities goes back to the 1980's and the people who were first inspired by Dr. Adizes and his methodology are now in the leadership positions, its appeal is as strong as ever.

Zvedan Horvat Making an Impact throughout Southeast Europe
Zvezdan Horvat , Adizes Symbergetic™  Consultant and the managing director for Adizes Southeast Europe has been instrumental in spreading the Adizes Methodology in his area. Having been part of the Adizes organization for more than 15 years, he has become a highly regarded name in the business world.

On the week May 7, he made a special appearance on the only business oriented show on Serbian national television - "Profil and profit".  He was interviewed regarding what makes good managers, the current state of affairs in the country and his opinion on success.

Zvezdan is often recruited as a speaker as well.  On May 17, 2011, he was a keynote speaker at the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Conference-Datum 2011 in Belgrade. His speech was entitled, "Why to Organize a Company before ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) Implementation." Zvezdan, who was formerly in the ERP field, was able to address the topic as an insider. He discussed how it is important for a company to be "mature" in its lifecycle for implementation to be successful .The conference attracted about 400 IT and business professionals that included  IT managers, directors  of sales, and accounting managers . His presentation was lauded for its breadth of information and provided a springboard for other presenters of the day.

Recognition of Zvezdan's expertise extends beyond the borders of his home country.   On May 28, 2011 Zvezdan Horvat, in collaboration with Oleksi  Kapusta, country manager for Adizes Ukraine, met with a group of 60 business leaders in Kharkov, Ukraine. Through their presentation, they provided the audience with a basic understanding of the various phases Adizes Methodology. The people were engaged in the presentation and excited about the potential it represents. Oleksi and Zvezdan had a repeat performance in Kiev the following day at city's business school.

During his recent trip to Ukraine, Zvezdan was interviewed by three top business magazines; Ecspert, Delovaya Stolitsa, and Upravienie Companiey. In his interviews he addressed issues pertaining to Adizes organizational therapy, principles, implementation, advantages etc. The interviews are expected to be in print in the magazine's next issues.

The Adizes Professional's Page has Gone Live!
As the Adizes Network has grown steadily over the years, the need for up to date information regarding the certified and qualified professionals increased. In response, we have complete gallery of people who are trained in various applications of the Adizes Methodology. Please visit http://adizes.com/dacp/certified-institute.php to find an Adizes Professional near you.

The professionals are divided into two groups: Change Leaders-those that are trained and certified to lead organizational transformation and Management Development Leaders-those, that are trained and qualified to provide management training on the Basic Conceptual foundations of the Adizes Methodology. On the page, are the titles and the descriptions of each of the positions that a person can have within the Adizes Network as well as the option to view more information on the individuals.   Though the possibilities for the utility of this page are far reaching, it is a testament to the contribution of the many individuals that help implement the Adizes Institute Mission. To see the web page, go to http://adizes.com/dacp/certified-professional.php

C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\DIR52HDZ\MC900013467[1].wmfBreakthrough to Prime Workshop Debuts in Latin America
The Breakthrough to Prime Workshop made its debut in Latin America last month.

Salvador Rodriguez, managing director for Adizes Central America, delivered the first Breakthrough to Prime Workshop in Spanish in San Salvador, El Salvador May 26 and May 27, 2011 at the city's Holiday Inn. "It was a great success", he said of the event and intends to provide the opportunity again in the future.

Sunil Dovedy, President of Adizes Institute Professional Services, and Humberto Padilla, Adizes Symbergetic Consultant from Adizes Institute Mexico, in collaboration with Frisa Industries, presented the first Breakthrough To Prime Workshop in Mexico June 1-3 and again June 15-17 in the city of Monterrey.  These offerings were both in English for local business leaders. The events were enthusiastically received and were sold out in advance.  Humberto shared, "(that) the groups were great with a lot of energy and with great results as people were very interested in the methodology."

The Breakthrough to Prime Workshop provides the participants the cornerstones of the Adizes Methodology. Being a highly interactive seminar, participants were able to experience the power of the Adizes methodology first hand. Although the dates have not been set for the next Breakthrough to Prime Trainings in Mexico, an agreement has been reached between the world renowned Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education and Adizes Guadalajara to provide the opportunities on their campuses in San Luis Potosi and Guadalajara in August. For more information, please visit www.adizes.com or call 805-565-2901.

Public Workshops in India Widely Attended
The Adizes Institute in New Delhi presented a series of public workshops in India entitled Successful Entrepreneurship : Professionalise without losing vitality. The purpose of the workshop was to dissect the challenges faced by entrepreneurs trying to professionalize at different stages of business lifecycle & explore ways to avoid inherent pitfalls as business growth accelerates.

The first event was held in Delhi, on 21st May 21, 2011. It was full house with 16 participants. Participants were mainly entrepreneurs wanting to scale up and some were from large corporations wanting to raise the bar. Similar events were held in 25th May in Mumbai on May 27th in Bangalore. The feedback was very positive creating great awareness and interest in the Adizes methodology.

C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\UM0XMXEJ\Workshop - Delhi 015.jpg

HEC Business School Alumni Learn to Master Change
HEC Business School which offers a shared MBA program with The Kiev Business School sponsored a one day master-class on the Adizes Methodology for their alumni on May 28, 2011. The Seminar entitled Mastering Change, based on Dr. Ichak Adizes' best-selling book of the same name, attracted "a group of impressive students" that were all in managerial positions. It was a full day seminar where the method of understanding the dynamics of change was discussed.

28 Company Leaders Complete TopLeaF® in Guanajuato, Mexico
Roberto Bonilla, Qualified TopLeaF Moderator has just completed two TopLeaF® Forums: Mastering Change and Structures and Lifecycles  in León, Guanajuato, Mexico. After ten weeks, upon presentation of a final project, twenty-eight participants received their certificate of completion. The group was composed of local business leaders. For several of them, this was their second experience working with Roberto as he began to offer Mastering Change in response to the demand of the students who completed the Structures and Lifecycles Course at the end of last year.  "Roberto Bonilla's patience, feedback, and work with each of the participants is a fundamental piece of meeting the objectives", notes Julian Romo of his experience with Roberto.

Roberto will begin a new TopLeaF group, Structures and Lifecycles, on June 15, 2011. It will in collaboration with the Iberoamericana Leon University.  For more information contact Roberto Bonilla at rbonilla@tecnosconsultores.com.
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C:\Users\Yolanda Tovar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\UM0XMXEJ\_Tarjeta multimedia_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG01317-20110601-1118 (3).jpg

Siberian Businessmen Learn About the Hidden Potential of Their Company
On May 19, 2011 Oleskiy Kapusta, Country Manager for the Adizes Institute in Ukraine  and Vladimir Blinov, held a workshop in Novosibirsk, Russia/Siberia, for company owners and top managers. The workshop entitled, "How to Fulfill the Hidden Potential of Your Company and Lead it to Prosperity" covered the basic theory and practice of Adizes management methodology.

The event was a joint venture with the "Intellectual Investments" consulting group. It was quite a successful seminar providing the participants an understanding of the possibilities for their companies and creating further interest knowledge in the Adizes Methodology.

Professionals Complete Integrator's Training in Santa Barbara
From May 13-May 20, professionals from across the Atlantic joined forces with similar minded people in the United States for the shared purpose of learning to apply the Adizes Methodology. They participated in the "Leading Highly Effective Teams, Integrators Training" at the Adizes Institute in Santa Barbara. This advanced, 7 day training is provided to people who are able to demonstrate proficiency in the basics of the Adizes methodology in Roles and Lifecycle and Mastering Change. In an uncommonly small group, they were able to cover the material thoroughly and quickly. Shoham Adizes, the group facilitator says of this experience that it was one of the most successful groups that he has ever led. He attributes part of the success to the manuals that he recently updated in response to needs that he had observed in other groups. He believes that the changes effectively clarified the material. The participants were excited about their learning and felt very prepared taking it back to their individual areas of work and applying their newfound knowledge.

Adizes Welcomes New Team Member!
Sanja Kovac recently joined the Adizes Team as Chief Marketing Officer at Adizes Business Consulting Southeast Europe in Serbia. She has a wealth of practical experience gained from more than 25 years of work as a business executive. Prior to joining Adizes Business Consulting, she has worked as Marketing Director for a large Serbian bank, and as Business Development Manager for a major U.S. mortgage lender. 

Throughout her career, Sanja has honed her skills of developing and implementing new marketing strategies, developing client relationships, and understanding trends that drive revenues; all of which she will apply in her new position at Adizes. Sanja holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from University of Novi Sad, and is fluent in English and Serbian.  She can be reached at sanja.kovac@adizesbc.biz.

Insights on Policy by Ichak Kalderon Adizes
Insights on Policy is a compilation of essays by Ichak Kalderon Adizes, PhD. dealing with governmental policy both within and among nations.

Conceived as a monthly newsletter called Insights, the essays evolved over time into a weekly blog posted on the Adizes website at http://www.adizes.com/blog/?cat=1. They offer a fascinating close-up of how nations around the globe have dealt with the phenomenon of globalization.

Dr. Adizes also observed from the inside as governments worldwide tried to cope with a Western financial crisis that went viral within hours--illustrating an insight he has long emphasized: If countries cannot learn to live and work together, they may not survive at all.

Available at www.adizes.com, www.amazon.com and www.selfpublishing.com

For more information, visit our FaceBook Page at http://www.facebook.com/adizes.institute.publications

Adizes Holds Conference in Moscow
On April 26, 2011, Adizes Practitioners and over 200 CEO's and Executives representing 80 of the top companies from Russia and Ukraine convened at the Swissôtel Krasnye Kholmy, Conference Centre in Moscow for the Adizes International Conference. "The conference was a great success. Everyone was very satisfied and we look forward to the further spreading of the Adizes Methodology in the region," said Peter Shtrom, conference organizer and Vice President of Adizes Operations of Eastern Europe and Mediterranean.

The conference was a collaborative effort between the Adizes Institute and the BEST-Training Company. BEST-Training Company has over 11 years of experience working with Russian and foreign non-profit and for-profit organizations. Mark Kukushkin, the Director of the "BEST-Training" company, was the conference facilitator.

The session topics related directly to the contemporary needs of leaders interested in bringing their companies to "Prime." The day's events began with an introduction to the Adizes Methodology by its creator, Dr. Ichak Adizes. His lecture created great enthusiasm and interest, setting the stage for the day. Pavel Golenchenko, Founder and CEO of Adizes Management Consulting in Belarus, expanded on Dr. Adizes's presentation through his lecture on shared decision making. Respectively, Stanislav Krause, Certified Adizes Associate in Russia, led the group in an exploration on how to ensure that once decisions are made, they are actually implemented.

The focus then shifted to the characteristics that create strong management teams. Angelina Sham, Adizes Instructor, addressed the issue of using different personality types in the workplace to the advantage of teamwork. In a complementary presentation, Nebojsa Caric, Founder and CEO of Adizes Business Consulting, talked about the importance of selecting and hiring the right people for the administrative team. He introduced the tool, Candidate Selection which he has been used effectively in the evaluation and selection of key personnel.

Dr. Adizes later returned to the stage to answer the question, "How do you delegate the management of a company without losing control of it?

Dr. Adizes demonstrated how this was done by presenting a case study of a Russian company that has effectively transformed their organizations using the Adizes methodology.

The concluding question and answer session gave way to lively discussion and appreciation for the effectiveness of the Adizes Methodology. Oleskiy Kapusta, country manager for the Adizes Institute in Ukraine voiced the general consensus of the conference participants, "The conference was incredible! [It provided] a tremendous amount of new ideas and inspiration!"

The event was possible through the generous support of:
BTP Bank (General Sponsor)
Association Of Managers
Alpina Publishing
Upravlenie Kompaniey Magazine
Shtat Magazine
Topmenegment Forum
Noviy Manegment Magazine
Association Of Directors and ACT Publishing.


Loan Agents+Adizes; A Perfect Equation in El Salvador
Loan agents have begun to reap the benefits that the Adizes Methodology has to offer in El Salvador. Under the direction of Salvador Rodriguez, Managing Director for Adizes Central America, twenty bank loans agents have come together to study the corporate lifecycle as developed by Dr. Ichak Adizes. “We should have been made aware of this years ago” expressed one of the group’s participants. The study is revolutionizing the way that the loan officers are appraising new loan applications because their newfound knowledge is helping them identify the soliciting company’s stage in the lifecycle. This is turn, helps them better assess their risk quotient. The class meets weekly and is being complimented through an e- learning platform which facilitates reflection and sharing between sessions. Salvador Rodriguez notes, “This has been very successful. Participants are very excited with their learning.” He intends to provide more similar opportunities in the future. For more information, please go to www.adizesca.com or email Salvador Rodriguez at srodriguez@adizesca.com.

Harsh Chopra, Adizes Country Manager, Interviewed by the Economic Times in India
The Adizes Institute Office in New Delhi opened its doors on January 1, 2011 but has already created inroads in the Indian business community. Harsh Chopra, Adizes Country Manager in India has been instrumental in promoting the Adizes Methodology to the Indian market. Recently, he was interviewed by Viney Sharma for the Economic Times, one of India’s premier business newspapers. In his interview, he discussed the important role that Adizes is playing in a country that is in the midst of an economic renaissance.

Excerpt from the interview:

Why have you chosen India? What are your expectations from this market? India is an important emerging market and Adizes is in fact late in entering. As the center of gravity of the world economy shifts towards Asia, this is a natural extension for Adizes Group. We also believe that the Adizes Methodology has special relevance in India given its diversity, languages, culture and heritage. India’s potential can be truly realized only when internal conflict is minimized and Adizes had its strength in helping build a culture of mutual trust and respect. Adizes is starting with an office in Gurgaon and plans to expand to Pune and then to Chennai.”
To see the full article, please click here.

Boris Vukic, Adizes Symbergetic Consultant, Named Most Interesting Lecturer at the International Family Business Conference
Boris Vukic was hailed as the most interesting speaker at the International Family Business Conference on April 14, 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia. His presentation entitled, “Future of Family Business with Founder, Founder’s Company and Founder’s Children,” explored the transition of power from parents to children in family run businesses. It received accolades not only on account of its content, but on Boris’ exceptional abilities as lecturer as well. Other companies represented at the event were PricewaterhouseCoopers; Pederson & Partners; Family Business Network; EBRD.

The conference sponsor Lider Press, publisher of the largest newspaper in Croatia and of one of the most respected business magazines in the country, will be featuring some of Boris’s articles in their upcoming publications.

Oleskiy Kapusta Adizes Empowering Leaders in Ukraine with Adizes
Oleskiy Kapusta, Country Manager for Adizes Institute in Ukraine provided a unique opportunity to explore the theory and the practical applications of the Adizes Methodology through a full-day master’s level seminar. He offered it in an open format in Kiev the week of April 11, 2011. He also presented it to the MBA students at Donetsk State University the same week. The program received high praise for providing the participants information essential to executive level decision-making in today’s dynamic environment. For more information on future offerings, please contact Oleskiy Kapusta at kapusta@adizes.com

Adizes Tips the Balance at the Bhiwadi Manufacturer's Association Awards
Harsh Chopra, Country Manager for the Adizes Institute in India, was selected by the Bhiwadi Manufacturer's Association, to be a judge in their annual awards contest. Bhiwadi is a developing community on the outskirts of Metro City New Dehli. The Bhiwadi Manufacturer's Association was created to help Bhiwaldi industries compete in the global market and at the same time, be socially responsible. In the spirit of inclusive growth and corporate responsibility towards society, they have instituted the recognition of companies that reflect their vision. This is turn helps motivate industries to upgrade continuously, preparing them to face the ever challenging business environment. The award categories are Earth Care, Corporate Social Responsibility, Safety, Quality, Emerging Energy, Woman Entrepreneur of the year, and Best Brand. Being a recipient of these awards is very prestigious and of great benefit to companies’ marketing efforts. The awards ceremony was attended by senior members of the community and was widely covered by the local media. Being appointed as a judge for this event is a testament of the community’s appreciation of Harsh’s expertise and professional acumen.

This year, the awards ceremony was held on April 29, 2011 at the Modern Public School Ground in Bhiwaldi.

Zvezdan Horvat’s Presentation Receives Great Acclaim at IT Distributors Gathering
Zvezdan Horvat, Managing Director of Adizes South East Europe, was a highly regarded guest speaker at the KimTec Annual Distributor Gathering which took place in Vrsac, Serbia April 8-10, 2011. The title of his speech was “Finance and Accountability Systems.” The topic was of particular relevance to this audience of about 50 people composed largely of small and medium sized company owners in these challenging economic times. The participants were actively engaged through questions and thought provoking comments.

Adizes has maintained a relationship with KIM TEC over many years. It is a company within the M SAN Group, which over the past decade has been a key distributor of IT products to regional markets in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia from worldwide leading manufacturers. Their approach has been to provide solutions to business’s needs or problems. They offer hardware, software and services to their customers.

Salvador Rodriguez Building Bridges with Webinars
Salvador Rodriguez, Managing Director for Adizes Central America, has been providing business related services over the past 35 years but has found a new way of reaching out to key decision makers-webinars. He participated in his first webinar on April 25, 2011as the key speaker. This new communication platform allowed him to reach across continents. Salvador, highly respected as an authority in business consulting in Central America and Spain, was recruited by the Sixtina Group, the host for this virtual event. From his office in El Salvador, Central America, he was able to share his knowledge and expertise on the Adizes Methodology with company executives and business consultants in Argentina, Costa Rica Venezuela, and other Spanish Speaking Countries. “It was an exciting interactive experience with people from different countries” said Salvador of his experience.” He is motivated by the infinite potential this medium, has to offer and intends to take full advantage of it in the future. To listen to the webinar entitled, How to Manage Change and Convert Problems into Opportunities go to http://www.sixtinagroup.com/tag/webinars-de-archivo/.

Boris Vukic Delivers Keynote Address at the V International Symposium of New Technologies in Sport
Boris Vukic, Adizes Symbergetic Consultant, was an invited guest speaker at the V Annual International Symposium of New Technologies in Sport in Sarajevo that took place April 22-24, 2011. This event was organized by the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education at University of Sarajevo. Boris, as the first speaker on the opening day of the symposium, effectively laid the foundation for its theme which was Sports Management. The event took place at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education at the University of Sarajevo, located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Special Edition of Mastering Change Published
1000 copies of the special edition Mastering Change book have been printed and will only be available for purchase through the Adizes Institute India. They have been dedicated by Dr. Adizes to Sahaj Marg. Sahaj Marg means “natural path” in Hindi and is a form of Raja Yoga. This book is a tribute to the heart based meditation system and a testament to its contribution to so many lives. For more information please email info@adizes.in.

Dr. Adizes Speaks to VTB, Russia’s Second Largest Bank
Dr. Adizes addressed leaders from VTB, Russia's second-largest bank during his visit to Russia the Week of April 25. The audience members were very receptive and are strong supporters of the Adizes Methodology. VTB demonstrated their appreciation for the Adizes methodology through their sponsorship of the Adizes International Conference held in Moscow on April 26, 2011.

Spiral Dynamics Course Holds Global Attraction
Adizes Graduate School hosted the Spiral Dynamics L1-2 Certification seminar with Dr. Don E, Beck in Santa Barbara the week of April 18-23, 2011. Participants traveled from Norway, Kuwait, the UK, Australia, Canada and from all over the US. These individuals work in major multi-national corporations, universities, and in private ventures in a variety of contexts. One participant actually attended classes with Dr. Clare Graves in the early 1970's. Dr. Graves was the researcher who discovered the bio-psycho-social theory of human societal evolution, now called Spiral Dynamics. Special presenters demonstrated various practical applications of the theory this week, including Elza Maalouf, who works with Dr. Don Beck in the Middle East; Darrell Gooden, who spoke on the Adizes Methodology; and Said Dawlabani, who presents a mimetic explanation of the global economic situation.

Adizes Graduate School Welcomes New Registrar and Recruiter
The Adizes Graduate School is proud to announce the addition of Yolanda Salgado-Tovar, M.Ed. to the administrative team. Yolanda has more than twenty years of experience in education as a school administrator and as an educator at primary and university levels. Though she is a native of Santa Barbara, she has lived in France and Mexico. In addition to her responsibilities at the Graduate School, she is the Network Coordinator for the Adizes Institute. “I believe in the Adizes Methodology and in the work that we do. I am grateful to be in the position to contribute to such a worthy mission,” said Yolanda. The growth of this position was in response to the expansion of the Adizes Graduate School. She may be reached at Yolanda@adizes.com.

Adizes Associates Support Efforts to Outstanding Children through their Participation in the Challenge:Future Competition as Judges
Boris Vukic and Zvezdan Horvat have accepted the invitation to serve talented youth as judges in the 2011/12 Challenge:Future Competition.  Challenge:Future is a collaborative contest, creating a vital forum that connects creative young students, schools, mentors and innovative companies from around the world. The youth teams compete to solve unique global challenges and a chance to win €20,000. Challenge:Future, seeks to provide fair, balanced, and professional evaluations of ideas and innovation. The judges perform the important task of analyzing, evaluating, and giving targeted feedback to each and every solution. The Challenge:Future community is approaching 16,000 members from all over the world. The topic for this year's competition is Future of Fun: Fun+Meaning2=2030.

Dr. Adizes' Insights Blog Entry to be Published
Dr. Adizes with Master Chariji at the Sahaj Marg Ashram"The Wonderful Life of Not Expecting"
Dr. Adizes has been sharing his wealth of knowledge and perspectives through his weekly Insights blog since 2003. One of his most recent selections, "The Wonderful Life of Not Expecting," has been selected to be reprinted in the Sahaj Marg Ashram's Journal called Constant Remembrance. It reveals some of the insights that he developed while meditating at the Ashram during his recent trip to India. To view the entry, please go to http://www.adizes.com/blog/?p=799

Adizes Presented at the GrowCo Summit 2011 in India
Harsh Chopra, head of the Adizes Institute office in New Delhi, spoke before a group of fifty prominent CEO's at the GrowCo Summit that took place on March 22, 2011. GrowCo whose motto is "Grow with Your Company," attracts professionals from all sectors who are searching for ways to improve their position in the industry. It is a program that is presented in collaboration with Inc. Magazine. Harsh's presentation entitled "Management of Accelerated Growth: Adizes Insights," fit in perfectly with the audiences' interests and was very well received.  Lifecycle Management is a new concept in India so it stirred great discussion at the event. All participants received a copy of Dr. Adizes video,"What is a Leader?"

For more information regarding events and services in India please contact Harsh Chopra Harsh@adizes.com

Harsh Chopra at Growco Summit

Adizes Guadalajara Team Publically Acknowledged by Client
Guillermo Romo, host of a CEO Event in Guadalajara this last March, gave thanks to the Adizes Guadalajara office for all of their support in helping his organization, Grupo Mega.  "It was truly an honor to be acknowledged by Mr. Romo at this event," said Humberto Padilla, an Associate with Adizes Guadalajara. Grupo Mega has experienced a significant increase in sales since starting with the Adizes methodology in June of 2010.

Adizes Guadalajara not only is highly respected in the business sector but is currently collaborating with the prestigious university, Tecnologico de Monterrey to provide TopLeaF® Forums. Please visit their website for further information mexico.adizes.com.

The Pursuit of Prime in Slovenian Book Tour
Dr. Adizes was in Ljubljana, Slovenia on March 29, 2011 promoting his book The Pursuit of Prime which was recently translated to Slovenian. Boris Vukic and Hrvoje Bogdan, both Associates from Adizes South East Europe, were also on hand to help promote the book. They lead a workshop on how to manage the corporate lifecycle with the focus on GoGo and Adolescent companies. Their three hour presentation generated great interest and provided new insights and knowledge to all in attendance.

Founder, Founder's Company and Founder's Children Seminar
Boris Vukic, Partner & Marketing Director of Adizes South East Europe, recently delivered a seminar developed to help facilitate the transition of power from parents to children in family run businesses.  The seminar, designed for small group delivery to allow for personalization of the material and discussion, was very well received by the various participants. These first and second generation business owners addressed issues of significant importance to them, their organization and their families. Issues like:

  1. What kind of companies will you be leaving behind?
  2. To whom will you leave your companies?
  3. How will you leave your companies?

For future offerings of this seminar please contact Boris at boris.vukic@asee.biz.

New Adizes Doctoral Program at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
We are delighted to announce that the Adizes Graduate School has begun to work with University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" on implementing an Adizes doctoral program in Skopje, Macedonia. The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University intends to begin to offer a doctoral program on the Adizes Methodology through their School of Economics. Although the program is still in the planning phase, university officials are optimistic about increased collaboration in the future; preparing their students for this new age of innovation.

Dr. Adizes' Television Interview by Salvador Rodriguez
Dr. Adizes was interviewed on the television program, Liderazgo + Innovacion by Salvador Rodriguez, Adizes Associate and talented Television Commentator. Dr. Adizes shared, in his trademark simple and straightforward manner, his views on such issues as national identity, family values, and world leaders. When asked about his advice for today's youth, he shared wisdom on the practices that must be preserved and the issues that need to be addressed for our posterity.

The program was a collaborative effort by Universidad Francisco Gavidia, Adizes Central America, Virtual Educa and El Salvador's National Council on Science and Technology. Access to the complete interview in Spanish, is available at Adizes Central America website http://www.adizesca.com

Welcome to Newest Adizes Institute Team Members!
On April 1, 2011, the Adizes Institute Office in New Delhi welcomed its first employee, Apurba Roy, as marketing manager.  His background is in corporate training and development, and hospitality. He will be providing Corporate Trainings, TopLeaF® Seminars, Business Development and Public Relations Support. In addition to this, he will help with book publishing endeavors. Apurba has an MBA in Human Resources and Marketing. He comes with over seven years of experience in training and development while dealing with various organizations & industry sectors.

On March 20, 2011, Adizes Institute in Israel welcomed their newest employee, Ms. Sivan Atzman who will be responsible for marketing in Israel. Her first project has been to prepare marketing materials in Hebrew. She brings to Adizes a strong background in administration and integration from her work with the military and the educational system. Sivan has a degree in Psychology and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Management Science.

Apurba and Sivan are excited to join the Adizes Institute and are eager to contribute towards the Adizes Institutes' mission.

The Adizes Institute's Website Has Been Translated!
It is now possible to view the Adizes Institute’s Website's informational pages in Spanish. In addition to general information, it includes information pertaining particularly to the office in Mexico.  To visit the website, log on to mexico.adizes.com. There is also a link from the Adizes Institute's home page at http://adizes.com/ in the form of a Mexican flag icon. The site will soon be available in Russian as well.

"The Wild Species" by Boris Vukic
Boris Vukic, Senior Associate Adizes South East Europe has recently published his first article on Serbia's National SME Association's website entitled, "The Wild Species." This article explores people's motivations for undertaking new business ventures. It discusses the differences between entrepreneurs, private owners and founders whose entire motivation for their enterprising efforts is financial gain. He contrasts these to the "wild ones"; people who run their businesses because they are compelled to do so by an innate power stronger than monetary gratification. He portrays the relationship between this unique species and their businesses as being one and the same. To view the article, please click here.

Dr. Adizes, Speaker at Inauguration of Holocaust Museum in Skopje, Macedonia
On March 8, 2011, Dr. Adizes was an honored guest speaker at the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Science. The speech was part of the inaugural program for the Holocaust Museum of the Jewish Community of Macedonia. (click here to see the transcript)

During World War II, the Jewish community of Macedonia who had lived in Macedonia since Roman times, was sent to the ovens of Treblinka and burned to ashes. Among them were Dr. Adizes grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins; one hundred and eight members of his family perished. Dr. Adizes notes, "I am the only living survivor of the concentration camp." The museum will help immortalize all of those who lost their lives and serve as reminder of a tragedy that should never be repeated.

The event was attended by the Presidents of the Republic of Macedonia, of Montenegro, of Albania, the Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and Ambassadors from various countries.

Dr. Adizes with Mr. Victor Mizrahi, Honorary Consul from Israel to Macedonia.  The photograph behind Dr. Adizes shows where he spent his childhood in the camp.

Adizes Graduate School News
In the most recent edition of the AGS newsletter, you will find feature articles on two unique women who specialize in managing crises and change:  Dr. Okima Amaya, instructor for the doctoral level course Models of Conflict, and Elza Maalouf, frequent presenter on Middle-East issues at the AGS Spiral Dynamics seminars in Santa Barbara.
Dr. Amaya has been working in the field of behavioral health since 1979 and holds an M.A. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Education. She is a Behavioral Health Consultant with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the Department of Education. She also has 21 years of experience providing crisis intervention emergency services and operational programming for the City of Philadelphia.

Elza Maalouf discusses Arab Style Democracy, answering questions such as:

  • With the recent explosion of repressed potential, how can the Arab world prepare for true democracy?
  • What will be the ideal form of governance that works for the Middle East?
  • How can we in the First World understand and support the emergence of Arab-Style democracies?

Mallouf also joins other noteworthy speakers such as Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Joan Borysenko, Alanis Morissette, Rickie Beyers Beckwith, and Melissa Ethridge as a guest lecturer for Women on the Edge of Evolution.  The AGS newsletter provides a link to her most recent (FREE) webcast from March 8th, 2011.  To learn more about these amazing women and current happenings at the Adizes Graduate School, please click here .

TopLeaF™ (Adizes Top Leadership Forum) is Making Inroads Across the Globe
The TopLeaF™ Program is a practical application of the Adizes Methodology, a proven process for developing management adeptness in any organization. With its emphasis on constructive conflict and change management, the Adizes Methodology is considered by many to be a solid foundation for all organizational development. This methodology was conceived, developed and systematized from case studies and many years of experience with change management programs in a variety of situations.

TopLeaF™, a breakthrough delivery method in management training, continues to give organizations around the world a way to effectively and affordably develop teams of future leaders equipped with the vital skills necessary for continued success. There are multiple concurrent offerings on three continents.

Adizes Guadalajara in Mexico is offering TopLeaF™ through The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education which is one of the largest private, nonsectarian, coeducational multi-campus universities in Latin America. It serves over 90,000 students at the high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels and has one of the top graduate business schools among Mexican universities. The program has been very well received and will continue through May.

Also in Mexico, Roberto Bonilla, Partner at Tecnos Business Networks (Tecnos Consultores), a management consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation, started two groups on March 2, 2011 in Leon, Guanajuato. He has expanded his offerings from Lifecycles and Structures to include Mastering Change. This was in response to popular demand, based on his prior Structures and Lifecycles forums in November and December, 2010.

Pavel Golenchenko, managing director of Adizes Management Consulting, Belarus, and Dean of IPM Business School, started a TopLeaf™ group in Minsk, Belarus on February 17, 2011. There was much interest and quickly sold out.

George Cardamas, Managing Director of Adizes in Greece, established an In-Company TopLeaF™ program in February. This company is in a moment of dynamic change and transition and is looking to fuel its growth, innovation and sustainability. They have selected the Adizes TopLeaF™ program to enhance their leadership team's decision making skills and promote fresh thinking. Their commitment has led them to hold the training at their own facility to allow for the greatest participation.

Mirko Music, Adizes TopLeaF™ Moderator, began a TopLeaF™ Forum on February 15, 2011 in Ljubljana, which is the capitol of Slovenia. The programming has been especially designed for entrepreneurs and managers of GoGo companies. The TopLeaF™ Leadership Forum is being offered in collaboration with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED). This enabled the convening of a homogenous group of participants, most of which came from companies situated in Ljubljana Technology Park. Participants are having a chance to gain a better understanding of their company’s lifecycle and what it means for them. Special emphasis is being placed on the role and formation of a complementary team to enable the company to transition to the next stage.

Management Training Center Clear View, in co-operation with the Economic Chamber of Macedonia (ECM), is in the process of delivering Adizes TopLeaF™ Program for top Macedonian managers in Skopje.

Ron Ernst will be offering his next leadership forum in Indiana, USA which is scheduled to begin this month. Each of his sessions will be once a month, on Fridays from 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. For more information please go to http://www.ronernst.com/TopLeaF-Brochure-2011.pdf

For additional information, visit: http://adizes.com/management_topleaf.html or email shoham@adizes.com

Adizes Methodology Makes Great Strides in the Academic World
Dr. Adizes first brought the Adizes Methodology to institutions of higher education in 1967 as an assistant professor at the University California, Los Angeles. Forty-four years later, it is still flourishing and continuing to influence new generations.

The Methodology is being imparted through many academic programs. This is evidenced through the significant presence of our associates and affiliates in institutions of higher education. For instance:

  • Salvador Rodriguez is an Associate and the Country Manager for Adizes Central America. He is currently teaching a seminar on the cornerstones of Adizes methodology and technological innovations in the industry to students majoring in marketing, business administration, computer science and economics in the University in San Salvador.
  • Pavel Golenchenko, a Managing Director and Partner at Adizes Management Consulting in Belarus, is the Dean at IPM Business School.  In February, he was in Warsaw where he met with a group of Executive M.B.A. students defending their projects.  He noted that most of the students’ projects were imbedded with the Adizes methodology.
  • Oleskiy Kapusta, Country Manager for Adizes Ukraine, is a professor at the Kiev Business School, which is one of the top business schools in Ukraine.  He is currently offering an Adizes course to the M.B.A. students and has just graduated the first cohort of students that was introduced to the Adizes methodology.  In addition to his class, he presented a weekend graduate seminar on Adizes on February 12-14, 2011.
  • Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas from Lithuania is a certified instructor in the Basic Conceptual Foundations of the Adizes Methodology; Western Europe Area Manager for the Adizes Institute; Dean of the Adizes Graduate School (USA); and founding President of ISM University of Management and Economics (the first private university in the country).  He taught a Corporate Responsibility Course to the MSC students through which he integrated the basic Adizes methodology at ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius.  He reported that the "… students loved the Adizes methodology."
Universities and other professional education institutions are responding to the students' interest in the Adizes Methodology. The International Academy of Business in Kazakhstan will begin to offer an M.B.A. program with a specialization in Adizes in the Fall of 2011. The Adizes methodology is so highly regarded, that they are also considering the possibility of offering a Doctorate program in the future. In Israel, the Hamil Israel Management Center (IMC), the leading senior managers' club that specializes in managerial training and preparations, began to offer open Adizes courses last month. There are plans to expand to other higher education institutions such as in India and Ukraine due to growing interest.

Higher education entities are actively recruiting Adizes-trained professionals to serve in advisory and leadership positions. Harsh Chopra, Country Manager for Adizes India, has been appointed to the Advisory Board of Directors for the BLS group which runs 3 M.B.A. schools in North India. Mr. Alexei Makarov, an Adizes TopLeaF™ Moderator, has just been named head of the Higher School of Economics at the Lobachevsky State University of Nijnyi Novgorod, Russia. It is a university renowned for innovation in the fields of research and higher education and has won international recognition for its excellence.

As societies, corporations and individuals require insight into managing change in turbulent times; the need for Adizes educational experts, seminars and classes, and trained personnel has increased. The Adizes methodology is a unique and important management concept that encourages people to explore how change occurs across disciplines and cultures, seeking commonalities and solutions that are applicable at all levels.

Dr. Adizes in India
Dr. Adizes and Sunil Dovedy, President of Adizes Institute Professional Services and Adizes Associate were in the new Adizes Office in New Delhi, India the week of February 4-12, 2011. "It was an exciting week!" shared Harsh Chopra, Managing Director of Adizes India. Despite the recent introduction of the Adizes methodology to the Indian market, Dr. Adizes’ visit was widely covered by the Indian media. He was interviewed by three national publications: CNN IBN (a leading news channel), Business Standard Newspaper, and Business & Economy (a bimonthly business magazine).

Dr. Adizes' and Mr. Dovedy's visits commemorated the opening of the business office in early January of this year. During their time there, they prepared a strategic business plan. Mr. Dovedy and Mr. Chopra also met with industry professionals, potential customers, and candidates for recruitment. Kunal Dovedy, the Adizes Video and Web Consultant from Dovedy LLC provided the technical support needed to ensure that the company’s website was most up to date.

In response to the growing demand for Adizes literature, the local company has begun exploring the possibility of publishing Adizes books locally.

Below from left to right: Harsh Chopra, Dr. Ichak Adizes, Sunil Dovedy

Below from left to right: Shivani, Harsh Chopra, Dr. Ichak Adizes, Sunil Dovedy, Kunal Dovedy

Integrating Highly Effective Teams Training in Israel
Shoham Adizes was in Tel Aviv, Israel February 3-10, 2011 delivering an Integrating Highly Effective Teams Training to a diverse group of top managers and leaders. The event was sold out months in advance and was offered in cooperation with the Adizes Israel Office.

The Integrating Highly Effective Teams seminar is specifically tailored to address the process of managing collaborative teams where mutual trust, respect, and the ability to constructively harness conflict are the norm. Many of the concepts can be applied to individual decision-making and communication as well. The Adizes Institute in Santa Barbara will be holding another training session during May 13-20, 2011. To learn more and to register, click here: www.regonline.com/LHT_SB0511

Dr. Adizes in the Himalayas
Dr. Adizes spent a week in an Ashram in the Himalayas accompanied by his friend and fellow associate, Sunil Dovedy. This was a time of great reflection for Dr. Adizes. During his time there, Dr. Adizes learned a great deal about the role of the heart in life. He said of his experience, "All I can tell you is that it has been an enormous illumination because the whole Adizes methodology until now had no role of heart in it. It was all logic, common sense, and brain power. Once the heart gets involved, there is so much more to add to the methodology. Watch my coming blogs. It will reflect itself there and then in the writings."

Dr. Adizes was invited to lecture to some of the people in attendance. According to Mr. Dovedy, "It was a good lecture and many beneficial things should emerge from it." He also reported that there was also much interaction between Master Chariji, the Master of the Sahaj Marg Meditation and Dr. Adizes. Mr. Dovedy noted, "Much interaction between them was in the form of questions and answers - a number of people likened Dr. Adizes to the modern day Arjuna; reason being that much of the sacred literature in India came in the form of questions and answers between guru and disciple (Arjuna's guru was Krishna)

After the lecture both Dr. Adizes and Mr. Dovedy were given an assignment by the Master who declared himself as "the student" and Dr. Adizes as “the professor” so they intend to go back in May to follow through with their task.

Above: Dr. Adizes in conversations with Master Chariji
Below: Photographs taken by Sunil Dovedy of their view from the Ashram

Salvador Rodriguez Gonzalez: A Man of Many Talents
Salvador Rodriguez, Managing Director of the Adizes Central America Office and Certified Adizes Associate since 1997, has helped numerous organizations implement the Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation. Salvador Rodriguez is an expert in organizational transformation, quality and innovation. He has more than 35 years of professional business experience and ample experience working with numerous local and multinational organizations. He consults and teaches in Spanish and English.

Mr. Rodriguez Gonzalez is a talented and prolific writer in addition to his work with Adizes. His article, "Judgments of the Supreme Court of Justice and Integration in El Salvador" was published in the December edition of the magazine Pensándolo Bien. He was also recruited by the Spanish magazine, El Ciervo (www.elciervo.es) to write on the topic "Why Has Latin America Progressed?" It was published in edition 719 in February 2011.

Mr. Rodriguez Gonzalez also hosts a television show called "Leadership and Innovation." Recently, he interviewed Dr. Pere Escorsa Castell, an expert in Technological Vigilance and Competitive Intelligence from Spain for which he received stellar reviews. He was also invited by Universidad Gerardo Barrios in El Salvador, to film a television program there. He contributes to the future generations as a professor at the University of San Salvador where he is currently teaching an upper division course on basic Adizes methodology.

Adizes Central America will be offering an Executive Management Camp (Campamento Ejecutivo: Gerencia XXI) for top management teams. It will be a Synergistic Workshop, where they will learn how to apply Adizes tools to the current situations of their respective organizations, in order to achieve better results in the short term. This will be especially useful for growing organizations in which cash flow and the effective time management are immediate problems.

For more information on Adizes Central America or the camp, please go to www.adizesca.com

TowerJazz Presents Record Results for 2010: Surpasses Half a Billion Dollars in Full Year Revenue
The Adizes Institute would like to extend their congratulations to client TowerJazz. They became the #1 specialty foundry in the world as published in EE Times in the beginning of February. It is up from #12 in 2005, #8 in 2008, and #3 in 2009. This is a 5 year revenue growth of 430%. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) in 2005 was negative $27M, in 2010 it was $168M.

Russell Ellwanger, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

"As pointed out in IC Insights, we moved into the #5 overall foundry position and the #1 position for specialty analog foundries. The #1 position was a movement from #3 in 2009 and #12 back in 2005, when we redirected ourselves to focus on specialty analog. I am thrilled with the many strong partnerships that we have built with our trusted and growing customer base propelling us into the #1 position among our peer group. There is great excitement among our multi-national employee base to take on new significant challenges."
Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (NASDAQ: TSEM, TASE: TSEM), the global specialty foundry leader and its fully owned U.S. subsidiary Jazz Semiconductor, operate collectively under the brand name TowerJazz, manufacturing integrated circuits with geometries ranging from 1.0 to 0.13-micron. TowerJazz provides industry leading design enablement tools to allow complex designs to be achieved quickly and more accurately and offers a broad range of customizable process technologies including SiGe, BiCMOS, Mixed-Signal and RFCMOS, CMOS Image Sensor, Power Management (BCD), and Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) as well as MEMS capabilities. To provide world-class customer service, TowerJazz maintains two manufacturing facilities in Israel and one in the U.S. with additional capacity available in China through manufacturing partnerships. For more information, please visit www.towerjazz.com.

The Pursuit of Prime by Dr. Adizes in Slovenian
The Pursuit of Prime by Dr. Adizes is being published in Slovenian by the BB Consulting Company. The expected date of release is March 15, 2011. The Pursuit of Prime presents the Adizes methodology for achieving and maintaining organizational health. Dr. Adizes has taught this method at numerous universities worldwide and in the masters and doctoral programs offered by the Adizes Institute.

Drawing on his more than thirty years of applying the principles presented in this book, Dr. Adizes offers common sense, practical advice on how to recognize the danger signs and abnormal problems associated with the various stages of the corporate lifecycle and, most importantly, how to turn normal problems into opportunities.

Where is the Wisdom? By Carlos Valdesuso
Carlos Valdesuso is a Principal Adizes Associate with extensive international experience in information technology, organizational structure and business strategy for a variety of companies in banking, insurance and service industries. He has worked with Adizes since 1975. Furthermore, he has been the President of SCI, a software and consulting firm, and President of Teledata, an information services company, both in Brazil. He works, teaches, and consults in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He recently wrote the following article for the Adizes Graduate School:


The purpose of this paper is to understand what Wisdom means, why we need it and how it can be developed and enacted within organizations. To better define the different issues, I introduce the Epistemological Pyramid which differentiates four levels of knowledge: Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom.

As a second basic concept, I discuss Schumacher’s notion of Divergent Problems. I take the position that all organizational issues are Divergent Problems and, consequently, require Wisdom to be solved or integrated.

As my central argument, I focus on the essence of Wisdom and reach two key conclusions: First, that while knowledge is intrinsically related to action, Wisdom is intrinsically related to options; and second, that the essence of Wisdom is to integrate divergent problems arising from the nature of human life.

Finally, I forecast the future of Wisdom as essential for human meaning and survival. To view the entire article please go to: http://www.adizes.com/articles/cval-where-wisdom.pdf

New Adizes Office Opens in Ukraine with Oleskiy Kapusta as the Country Manager
We are pleased to announce the opening of Adizes Symbergistic Consultants, Ukraine, and the appointment of Oleskiy Kapusta as the country manager. Prior to his work with Adizes, he was the founder and managing director of the Standart Publishing House – the biggest and most sustainable company that publishes professional Marketing and Management magazines in Ukraine and Russia. Pursuant to his personal interest in time-management and organizational efficiency, he began to provide corporate trainings in 2009, and became a qualified Adizes trainer in 2010.

Oleskiy holds a degree in journalism and an M.B.A. degree from Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (Kiev, Ukraine), which is one of the top business schools in the country. He also teaches there part-time. His outside interests include physical fitness and Spanish.

We welcome Oleskiy Kapusta to Adizes.

Dr. Adizes in Exclusive Speaking Engagement in Macedonia
On Friday, March 11, 2011 in an exclusive engagement, Dr. Adizes presented a lecture entitled, "How to Anticipate the Loss of Any Organization." The lecture was delivered in English with simultaneous translation into the Macedonia language. Dr. Adizes was the first invited speaker for the University American College Skopje Alumni Association. He addressed an audience composed of both students and local professionals. The lecture was well received and the audience demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm and gratitude.

"How to Manage a Contemporary Higher Education Institution?" by Virginijus Kundrotas
Virginijus Kundrotas, Dean of Adizes Graduate School and Western Europe Area Manager for the Adizes Institute, wrote an article entitled, "How to Manage a Contemporary Higher Education Institution?" based on the Adizes methodology in a new E-magazine in English, which was launched in Lithuania in February and is dedicated to global audience. You can see it on http://vilnews.com/?p=2403. The article is dedicated towards management of educational institutions and you are welcome to provide comments and opinions on it.

Dr. Adizes "Named Man of the Year!"
Dr. Ichak AdizesDr. Adizes has been named, "Man of the Year," by our client, Sibur LLC, in Russia.

He has been working with this company to lead change in the organization.

It is a rare to receive this type of honor from a client. This is recognition that the changes are working and are valuable. 

Sibur is the leading petrochemical company of Russia and Eastern Europe.  They have posted $15 billion in sales this past year, a $5 billion gain from the prior year. The company operates across the entire petrochemical process chain from gas processing to the production of monomers and plastics, mineral fertilizers, tires and industrial rubber items, as well as the processing of plastics. Sibur's plants employ over 65,000 people in 26 regions of Russia. Learn more about Sibur: http://www.sibur.ru/pages/eng/7437/index.shtml

http://www.adizes.com/images/offices/flags/belarus.pngAdizes Belarus Open for Business
Adizes Management Consulting in Minsk, Belarus was officially registered on January 4, 2011.  Pavel Golenchenko, formerly Deputy Dean at the School of Business and Management of Technology at the Belarusian State University and current Adizes Country Manager and Dean of IPM Business has been running this Adizes office under the umbrella of the IPM Business School for the past three years. "Now we are independent", Golenchenko asserts, "I have also found an office and I plan to move there in February." Adizes Belarus serves companies of various sizes from different industries: from the newly created to the world's largest companies. Please visit their website for further information. www.adizes.by

The Adizes Institute Publishing Department is pleased to announce that our Adizes Online Store Has Partnered with Amazon.com
In continuing with our highest priority of providing excellent service, we decided to outsource our shipping to Amazon Fulfillment to serve better our customers.
Whether you purchase through our Online Store or Amazon.com, you will find all of our English language book titles.  Through this partnership, you will also be able to receive faster shipping at reduced shipping prices. 
You can visit either the Adizes Online Store or Amazon.com. If you are purchasing from Amazon.com, simply search for the Adizes title you would like to purchase, and select "Adizes Institute" as the seller from whom you want to buy.  International shipping is also available through Amazon.
In the future, we will include foreign language books on Amazon.com as well, beginning with "Mastering Change / Dominando el Cambio."  As well, we are working to offer eBooks through Kindle and other outlets.
If you have any questions about the easiest way to purchase your Adizes books, please contact publishing@adizes.com or call Demelza Benton at 805-565-2901 ext. 111.

Adizes Graduate School Receives Technological Upgrade
Ph.D. degree online - brochureThe technological infrastructure of the Adizes Graduate school online learning platform has been completely renovated to meet the growing demands of the program. It has more options, including a more extensive personal profile. The internal communication features have also been enhanced for AGS faculty and students such as personal blogs, extended calendaring and special task management functions. Additionally, the graphic user interface,  has been significantly updated.
If you would like to find out more about the Adizes Graduate School and receive news about upcoming educational opportunities, faculty, student and presenter profiles, interviews, and recaps of current events, sign up to receive the AGS Quarterly e-newsletter by going to http://adizesgraduateschool.org/contact_us.html and filling in the 'contact us' form.

Regional Conference in Chapala, Mexico a Huge Success
The regional conference in Chapala, Mexico, January 28-29, 2011 was a huge success. The event was attended by over 60 clients, potential clients, country managing directors and Adizes Affiliates from around the world. Dr. Adizes delivered the keynote address, Frisa CEO, Eduardo Junco T. Garza, was presented with the award for Company of the Year. He delivered a captivating presentation where he outlined the journey of his company as it applied the Adizes methodology.
The event was hosted by the Adizes office in Guadalajara; Antonio Talamas, Alvaro Nuñez and Humberto Padilla. It included tequila tasting, mariachi music and wonderful food.

Prior to the convention, on January 26-27, there was a Colloquium that was specifically intended to meet the needs of practicing Adizes associates, trainers and moderators.    It was a time where questions were addressed in a collaborative manner; everyone learned from each other.  Additionally 8 people presented case studies as a requirement for their certification.  As all of the presentations were equally professional, showing the high level of Adizes services they provided, all 8 were awarded Certification; a record number during any single year.

CEO's and Top Executives Learn Adizes as TopLeaF Groups Take Flight Across the Globe
TopleafTopLeaF is a turnkey management development curriculum that uses videos, manuals and group dynamics to teach Adizes concepts. Qualified TopLeaF moderators like Roberto Bonilla, of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico and Ron Ernst of Indianapolis, Indiana are running TopLeaF groups that provide individuals, and organizations with management development and team building.
Thirty-six participants have already completed a Structures and Lifecycles TopLeaF course in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico lead by Roberto Bonilla, Partner and CEO of Tecnos Consultores, a management consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation.
Pedro Garcia, Marketing Director for Grupo Site, and one of those who attended the course says of his experience "…the program has truly been beneficial and above all, not only can I can see the practical applications for our company, but in our everyday lives as well … the difference between this and other methodologies is that it has a very low level of complexity and a high level of impact."

Roberto Bonilla will be forming his next TopLeaF group in February of 2011.  For more information visit http://topleaf.orquestandomexico.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1 

Another 14 participants completed the Mastering Change TopLeaF program in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Ron Ernst, President and Founder of Leadership Horizons, an Indianapolis executive development consulting firm provided five Central Indiana companies with a six month TopLeaF course.
"Taking on an expanded role in the company, due my partner's retirement, requires some transition.  The TopLeaF forum has helped me develop an improved leadership style to include input and ideas from the team at work," explained Jeff Kittle, President of Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc., an Indianapolis-based company specializing in construction and management of affordable housing and self-storage facilities.  "We're taking the team concept to the next higher level and I feel as though we're making better, quicker decisions that will allow us to grow our company in this down economy."
Another TopLeaF program graduate attributes a $400,000 benefit to his company from using the tools learned, specifically the processes of deliberate decision-making, followed by rapid implementation. 
Connie Dillman, President and CEO for Tangram, Inc., a non-profit organization providing support to people with disabilities, said, "As a non-profit, the TopLeaF program opened our eyes to growth opportunities and helped us reconfigure our organization to better support our mission."

Ron Ernst will be forming another TopLeaF group in the first quarter of 2011.  For more information visit http://www.ronernst.com/ Ron Ernst

Additional TopLeaF groups are currently running in Croatia, Macedonia, Belarus, Greece, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.  For information on a TopLeaF group near you or to form your own TopLeaF group please contact Yolanda Salgado-Tovar, Adizes Network Coordinator at Yolanda@adizes.com

Adizes Promoted in Belgrade Chamber of Commerce as Nebojsa Caric Presents Keynote Address
Novi Sad, Serbia - December 11, 2010

Nebojsa Caric, Senior Associate and CEO of Adizes Business Consulting, was invited to present the keynote address entitled, "Contemporary Business Trends" at the Annual Convention of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.  More than 150 business executives and politicians were in attendance. This event featured the Adizes methodology, the network and Adizes Business Consulting. His presentation was so well received, that the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce has agreed to host Adizes Seminars and extend invitations to other companies affiliated with the Chamber in 2011.

Nebojsa Caric promoted Adizes Methodology at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Adizes' Book, How to Manage in Times of Crisis Translated to Spanish
Mexico, January 2011- Humberto Padilla, an Adizes Associate, has just completed his translation of Dr. Ichak Adizes' bestselling book, How to Manage in Times of Crisis (Còmo Dirigir en Tiempos de Crisis).  According to Mr. Padilla, it will be going to the publisher in mid-January and it will be available for purchase thereafter. For more information you may contact Mr. Padilla directly at humberto.padilla@adizes.com

Adizes is Expanding to India
We are pleased to announce the opening the Adizes office in New Delhi, India. Operations officially started January 1, 2011. Harsh Chopra, former country manager for India at Interek, Managing Director for RayBan Sun Optics India Ltd , Vice President of Operations at Bausch and Lomb India, and now Country Director for Adizes  operations is very optimistic as to the future opportunities for Adizes in India.
 Adizes India OfficeHarsh Chopra

Lynn Elsenhans, Longtime Adizes Client is Recipient of Prestigious Paradigm Award
Lynn Elsenhans, CEO of Sunoco, and longtime Adizes client, has been selected as the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Paradigm Award by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. The recipients of this award are women who are recognized for their professional and personal achievements. They are widely respected for their contributions to the socio-economic prosperity of the area and are role models for their dedication to excellence and future generations. The Adizes Institute proudly wishes to extend their congratulations to Ms. Lynn Elsenhans for this achievement.

Gypsies to be Provided Adizes Training
Adizes South East Europe Gives Back to Community
AdizesSEESerbia- Adizes South East Europe has joined the movement "CARE for the Roma" ("Roma" is the common name for Gypsies)".  On January 11 and 12, 2011, the Adizes South East Europe Office will train a coalition of Roma on the Basic Conceptual Foundations of the Adizes methodology providing them with the tools to attain self-sufficiency. This project is in collaboration with the German Embassy who is actively seeking a solution for the more than 10,000 Roma refugees who sought asylum in Germany during the wars in former Yugoslavia. The solution was offered by the Roma, in an audience at the German Embassy, where they proposed that if the government helped them find a means of supporting themselves in their countries of origin, they would willfully return.

Subsequently, the government has pledged money to back the development of an industry based on what the Roma already do - recycling discarded items. Specifically, the Roma are being supported to start a paper recycling business. Though they possess the experience, they are in need of a basic business plan and business management instruction. In light of this, the Roma approached the Adizes South East Europe Office for support. Zvezdan Horvat, Managing Director and Partner of Adizes South East Europe, has been instrumental in bringing this endeavor to fruition. He noted that the Roma specifically requested assistance from Adizes because, "The language (used by Adizes), is the language that gypsies can understand." This is a testament to the universality of the methodology and accessibility of the approach used by the Adizes Associates.  Adizes is committed to its mission of "making a positive impact worldwide" and is proud to be a partner in this worthy cause.

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