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As the Adizes Methodology evolved, the Adizes Institute founded the Adizes Graduate School for the study of Leadership and Change as a forum for the collective research and development of the Methodology. The school also serves as an educational foundation for other holistic change methodologies.

The Adizes Graduate School is licensed by the State of California. It offers Masters and Ph.D. programs that were developed in order to facilitate in-depth research into how change can be managed on many levels, across disciplines and among different cultures. The online format allows students to participate at their own location and on their own schedule. The programs introduce training methods that have been used by Certified Adizes Associates and their clients for decades.

All of the programs draw from a global student body, which creates the diversity and interaction required to further cross-cultural research and work in the field of managing change. While the Adizes Graduate School is not accredited through the voluntary traditional process, the body of knowledge being sought, and taught, at AGS is both unique and applicable to understanding the process of change as it impacts almost any professional and intellectual environment. Whether you are a life-long learner, work in the for profit, non-profit, government, industrial, social or community sectors, each course will be thought-provoking, relevant, and have hands-on applications.

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