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Is There One God? Where Can I find Him?

Posted in English, Personal Growth Insights

One often hears people say, “There is only one God; the God of the Christians, Jews, or Muslims is the same God. We should all live in peace, because we all worship the same God.”

In my meditation today, I wondered if I agree with this statement.

The God of the Muslims orders his followers to kill infidels. That is literally what one of the sutras (chapters) of the Quran says.

The Christian God, like Zeus, has a child with a human.

The Jewish God is jealous and controlling: He orders the believers around, telling them what to do and what not to do, and threatens them with a long list of punishments and disasters if they do not obey.

Are these three Gods the same?


And than I wondered: Who is my God? None of the above appeals to me. But I do believe in God.  Who is my God then?

Two years ago, I joined the Sahaj Marg meditation community (“Sahaj marg” means “the natural way.”) I joined because I thought it would be good for me to learn to meditate.

I got much more than I expected. I found my God.

Let me explain.

This meditation starts off in the morning with a prayer that says, in part: “Oh, Master, You are the true goal of human life, for all we are is slaves to wishes that bar our advancement.”

Let us analyze the prayer.

“The Master” is God. We pray of getting united with Him. What holds us back from becoming one with God are our wishes, our desires, which enslave us and bar our advancement.


Wishes, desires, and expectations are expressions of being dissatisfied with what we have right now. We want, wish, expect something else, something we do not have.

Why do wishes enslave us?

Because wishes, wants, and expectations are a moving target. Whatever we get may satisfy us for a short period of time; then a new wish or want will emerge. It never stops. We are enslaved to this moving target.

We will stop being slaves when we are free of wanting and wishing and expecting.

How will that happen?

What drives wishing and wanting is the ego. And the ego assumes that we are in control of our destiny. It assumes that we can achieve our wants and wishes, and thus find happiness. You might think to yourself, “If I had a million dollars, I would be happy.” But are you sure, or would you then want to have two million, and when you have two, to want five, etc. etc. etc.

We will be free when we cage the ego and remove it from running our lives. When we accept that we are not in control. (You’ve heard the adage, “We plan, but God has other plans for us”––or, “Man plans; God laughs.” How many times you found that this is true?)

We will become united with God when we stop believing that we are in control. And I mean not when we die, as the Jewish and Christian religions believe. No.  I mean in this life when we surrender. When we stop wishing.

Does that mean we should just sit there and have no wants, no wishes, and no expectations. Be vegetables? What will we do with ourselves? There will be no progress.

It took me a long time to realize the answer to the above doubts. Finally I understood that what I should do should not be driven by “wants” but by reality, by “what is.”

We will continue to act. We will do. There will be progress. We will not be vegetables. But what we will do will be driven by real needs, the “is,” instead of “wants”, i.e., desires.

Here is a simple example: When I go shopping, should I shop for the things I want, which have no end, or should I shop for the things I need, which are finite.

And the answer is that what I should do––should be driven by “is,” not by “want.”

Now, where is God?

In Sahaj Marg and according to all religions, God dwells in our hearts.

What does this have to do with the first part of this essay?

Think about how different my God is from the God of the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim religions. That God gives you orders and a manual. All you have to do is comply. My God has no manual and does not give me orders. To find him, and to find out what to do, I have to listen to my heart.

Listen to the heart?

It is so much easier to find the Jewish or Christian or Muslim God: Just read the “manual,” whether you believe it is the Old or New Testament or the Quran, and do as instructed.

Listen to the heart? How do I do that?

You will find Him when you give up the “wants”, what you wish were happening, and what you think should be happening. (Research scientists must learn to do this, in order not to bias their results.)

When you remove your biases, when you calm your mind, then you will hear what God has to say. Your heart will speak.

For a long time I could not accept that.

You know why?

Because I did not trust what would be revealed if I stopped to listen to my heart. I was scared to hear it speak.


Because I did not want to surrender to my heart. I lived in my brain not with my heart.


Listening to the heart meant giving up control while I was in control of my mind, or so I believed.

To hear well you have to listen, to stop all other noises which come from your head. That means giving up control.

When you are ready to hear––when you calm your mind and give up your ego, which believes in a false sense of control––your heart will speak to you. God will speak to you.

And when God speaks to you, you will find a kind of peace you’ve never experienced before:  peace of mind. You will cultivate a sense of gratitude for whatever you have in your life, once you accept it, for better or worse. Everything is a gift, to learn from and to enjoy. Whatever is, is. And you will want what is, rather than rejecting reality and feeling frustrated that what is, is not what you want.

When our hearts drive our behavior, rather than our egos or minds, God will be there. But to find Him you must be willing to listen.  And in order to listen to Him, you have to stop listening to You.

And what will you find if you listen? You will find that God is love, and neither God nor your heart can speak of hate. Ever.

Try it.


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

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31 Responses to “Is There One God? Where Can I find Him?”

  1. When truth is said without embellishment rarely people are inclined to believe. Where life and death situation comes and truth stares at us, then only truth is accepted by many. It is wisdom to follow the wise and get benefited instead of unendingly wasting time to no purpose. Thanks for your article. Let the humanity wake up to the clarion call and get spiritually benefited.

  2. Nicely expressed.

    I would like to suggest a small change of word (written in bracket) in following sentence:

    And you will want (accept) what is, rather than rejecting reality ..

  3. puneet says:

    I agree what Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes says. However for people interested in scientific examination/proof (which is a very long way to learn lessons in this short life), some basic facts are just about emerging. For example here is what HearthMath foundation has to say,…. “After extensive research, one of the early pioneers in neurocardiology, Dr. J. Andrew Armour, introduced the concept of a functional “heart brain” in 1991. His work revealed that the heart has a complex intrinsic nervous system that is sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a “little brain” in its own right. The heart’s brain is an intricate network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells like those found in the brain proper. Its elaborate circuitry enables it to act independently of the cranial brain – to learn, remember, and even feel and sense….”

  4. Sathyanarayanan Rajkumar says:

    Giving up ‘our’ control from brain to Heart is ‘practice’!.

  5. kimberley says:

    You present a very one-sided view of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim God… the negative, of course. At the same time, YOUR God provides peace. Your message is the same as theirs – “This is the best way.” I understand that you are trying to provide help that has helped you, but it sounds so superior and condescending. No one needed the negative comparison in order for you to tell us your understanding. That’s just your ego speaking. It is very difficult to let go, as you say.

    The truth here is that I am having a very rough time with my own ego as well. My husband has just left me after 21 years. I wonder, if I had not tried to create love…. clinging to my idea of what should be, would I have had the love I wanted? I did that once, and I became very happy (by just looking at what is – the trees, the flowers around, the fact that I had food to eat, and health, and expecting nothing from my husband.) After about 18 months of this happiness (and grand weight loss bye the way) my husband became angry and said I must be having an affair. He punished me by chasing the affections of a young woman. It was too much for me to sustain this detatchment. I began to care again about my relationship again, and of course it was not good or happy. It made me sad because my husband continued rejecting me all the time. In his eyes I was horrid. The fact that I cried when he was unkind was interpreted by him as my dissatisfaction with him, rather than as evidence that I care about him. Perhaps he was right, but these are two sides of the same coin.

    So, how is detachment different from not caring? How can this be love? And is this kind of detachment possible in a marriage when two people have different expectations? You might notice that the officianados of many spiritual paths that endorse detachment are monks and nuns. In a daily, family relationship it is necessary to have certain expectations (trust) in order to function.

    I am not sure that this kind of detachment can speak to living in a world where we brush up against others who have expectations of us in terms of our emotions toward them, as in a marriage. What are the ground rules for relationship and love in a philosophy of detachment? I have tried just loving and accepting what is, but it was too difficult to maintain. You would think that being happy would be somewhat easier. With the upcoming divorce, however, I have the perfect opportunity to let go (which is fine)… I am concerned that I walk a better path in the future.

  6. Vadim Orlov says:

    Dear Dr. Adizes,

    thank you for this insight. I strongly agree with you that we should stop and listen. It is difficult. It requires a whole lot of courage and… it is probably the best thing we could do. All other decisions and futher thoughts will depend on whether we took this time to think or not. I found a strong confirmation of this, when I could not find a decision in a complex situation in my life, I left for 5 days. Outside the city. Alone. What did I do? I guess I listened. And spoke with myself. A decision came like a blessing from above. I don’t think I would have ever been able to hear it in a daily routine. Everything worked out very good afterwords. So I know from my own experience that this really works. I wish to all who read this to have the wisdom and courage to try.



  7. Jan Troelsen says:

    Dear Dr. Adizes….dear brother,

    Being a practicioner of the Sahaj Marg meditation myself, I would like to say “well put!”:o)

    I joined for the same reason as you it seems. I wanted to learn to meditate, and like you, I am so happy, that it have led me to my God!

    A university Professor many years ago told me, that the heart works 50.000 times faster than the brain. As this was before I started my meditation, I had no idea, how much more than being faster the heart is:o)


  8. middleware says:

    Dear Ichak Adizes!
    Thank you for your insights, they’re really deep.
    But let me add something very important.

    First. God obviously revealed Himself to people in different ages in such way that they could understand Him according to their level of conciousness. Thats why we have different scriptures that basically aimed to progressively lift our consciousness up to spiritual level.

    Second. God is in control of everything and is present as a witness inside everything. Including our very hearts. So that real spirituality (in monastery or somewhere deep in mountains away from society) means having strong contact with Him, hearing Him, having relations with Him.

    Third. But how can one disciminate, whether it is God or one’s own deep wishes or motives or thoughts – talking in this calm state of meditaion? This strongly depends on the question of what is God to you.

    Some schools of meditation and yoga are teaching basically that WE ALL ARE GOD, and the point is – to become united with everybody through one’s heart, having deep experience of unity (on the highest level it is described as ‘ocean of deep white light’). After having such experience and holding onto it one starts to feel ‘oh, i’ve found my OWN GOD’. And GOD is UNITY. And I AM GOD cause I’M IN THE UNITY.

    But are we just “GOD ALTOGETHER”? And there is no Person, Who is more than total sum of all of us?
    Who has His own will that could be different than our ‘united’ will? And Who is not kinda anthropomorphic, but includes absolutely all features we could discover in this world plus uncountable qualities we couldnt discover ever.

    The answer depends not on some arguments or books etc. It just depends of our personal deep choice: to be cause of our life or not. To have our will united with God, not with whole unity of people or universe or so. So when we are ready – we become aware what to do and what path to follow.

    Obviously, such surrender can be easily confused with light surrender, when nothing actually changes in our lives. We still are masters of our lives but… now we’ve got additional “spiritual” platform to feel like… being more solidly rooted in our thoughts.

    But whether or not it will be connection with God (and this could step-by-step become pure transcendental through practice) or just a mental level constructs – depends only and only upon personal sincerity.

    Wishing you sincerity in your life.

    Thank you once again for revealing these important thoughts.

  9. dvir peleg says:

    Dear Ichak Adizes!
    What is god? Is he a manager or is he a leader? “To give up control” – to who you give up peacefully and with all your hart – to the leader or to the manager? What will make you be ready to give up? Is it personal or environmental?
    b. R
    Dvir Peleg

  10. Janmarie Connor says:

    I can hear your “heartspeak” Dr. Adizes – which connects me more deeply to my own heart. It’s a wonder!

  11. Kjetil says:

    Dear Ichak,
    God, what is God and above all IS God! This is always a very interesting topic. I think your approach opens an interesting approach; WHY is God.

    The short answer is probably; because we need God. The need for God has changed over time depending on our level of development. “There must be something above and beyond us” has however always been the common denominator in all “why’s”. The human beings cannot be the highest level. Without God we would be like orphans without hope of ever being loved and “included”.

    If I make it simple you say; mind = wishes, heart = love?

    It is an interesting “correlation” between your approach and a sociological study of adult development (USA). This is the longest prospective study of physical and mental health in the world. It studies what it takes to age well (described in the book “Aging Well” by George E. Vaillant). Instead of study the lives of sick and what makes you sick, it studies the lives of the well! It started in 1938(!) and follows a population of Harvard graduates born about 1920 and a population of disadvantaged men born about 1930 and third a sample of middle class, intellectually gifted women born about 1910.

    The interesting conclusion is that background or gender does not matter in what makes you age well!

    Aging well is simply about living a happy life. All the ingredients have to do with being positive, or if you will to live a “loving” life; establish a family, be a good parent, spend time together, learn continuously, behave altruistic (“Money can give you happiness. If you give it away”!), be present, show gratitude, be healthy. It is much more about what to do, rather than what not to do! It is about having a mindset that allows your heart to participate.


  12. Don Gamble says:

    Every “religion” has a kindergarten. Most people want to find something to believe in, a commendable beginning point. Very few want to take the next step, which means putting in the effort to have the direct experience this Cosmic Power. So, kindergarten is what becomes institutionalized. Why? That is what most want. I think your generalization about Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions is only superficially true. Within those traditions there are “advanced practitioners”—probably true for Shaja Marga as well. The promise is that we can experience the Divine within, and there are many paths to realize that promise. BUT we will get back only in direct proportion to what we put in, whatever the spiritual label.

  13. Tali says:

    Your three basic assumptions about god, The Jewish, Muslim and Christian god are superficially statements if not to say wrong statements. Hence your conclusions are ridicules. GOD =LOVE? What about sorrow? Opening the SIDDUR (Jewish daily prayer book) will clarify different perception of god from the one you familiar with.

  14. Diane Wolf says:

    It’s amazing the amount of knowledge stored in nature. The scent of a flower, how it blooms from a seed, the complex chain of events.

    I think the problem is that we have simplified ‘god’ into one thing that we’ve ‘humanised’ or dumbed down to ourselves in order that we may relate to our Creator.

    I call the source of our habitation and consciousness L.E. Mental (Elemental). I find that I am able to supersize the intelligence of it all without ‘received lunacy’ – instead of received so-called wisdom – interfering in it via a multitude of different limiting religions. For sure I think L.E. Mental is more intelligent (and it has a sense of humour) than man and this is the inherent problem. One God – with variations on it’s likes and dislikes via religion is our transferral upon something far greater than ourselves. Let’s face it man did not naturally create the uni-verse nor all the elemental manifestations and life within it. To relate better perhaps it’s easier to split universe into Uni-Verse. A dialogue between the Creator and all of us without barriers between us. It’s my dearest wish, to do away with religion and start again.

    If we say: Oh there’s one God in say, one religion – I beg to differ. It’s been the single most silliest and dangerous thing to pass around since man ruled the world.

    Personally I think we were better off and more tolerant when we worshipped the natural environment and associated its sight-beholden manifestations such as the creatures, the sun, the moon, the constellations etc because we can hold these in our hot little hands and say, ‘now this, this is what our Creator did’. May be we should start again by dancing around the trees celtic style, or go back to the cradle of civilisation and make corn dollies and amulets for the sun and moon.

    It’s more tolerant and gets us in touch with what is before us instead of the male-transferral of God-like maleness that’s made rather a hash of the world so far. So does ‘God’ want us to kill each and use a-bombs to destroy Its pretty little rolling ball in space, or is it us?

    Time for women to rule the world now in accordance with the principles of Mother Nature.

  15. Sergio Diaz says:

    I travel during my summer vacation to a Buddhism countries, we start to compare our catholic religion with the Buddhism and the first big difference is the Buddhism think in the karma that means, if you do some thing bad that is going to come back in this live or in your next live, the seame if you behave good, at the opposite of the Catholics that you can do wherever you want but if you regret and confess you recipe the indulgence of the church, in my point of view the karma make more sense but, in conclusion in my opinion the god is the same but the humans are the ones to accommodate the rules at the convinces.

    There is one formula that always work h=r-e where h is happiness r is reality and e is expectations

  16. Ashish Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Ichak,

    Thanks for the wonderful write up. I feel that we are on the same boat. I too have found my God.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Jadon says:

    I understand some of what you are saying, God is love. But, I believe that you are mistaken in how you start your blog today. You have a misunderstanding about the Jewish and Christian God. The Christian God is not about following a manual, it is about relationship with Him, and the Bible tells how to best live that out. It is not about a set of rules, but is about that relationship and then the outflow of that relationship. Seeing as the Jewish God is the same as the Christian God, one can also see that the rules that the Lord has established through the Old Testament are to protect the Jewish people. It is not to restrict them, but to protect them and to help guide them so that they can have the best relationship with Him and with each other.
    Your premises are not correct. Understanding the Jewish and Christian faith goes much deeper than a couple trite, broad statements.
    But, I do agree with much of what you say, it is about giving up control. “Less of me and more of Him!”

  18. Yehoram says:


    One thing that I learned from you is that in order to have a meaningful discussion / debate we first need to agree on the definition.

    Neither one here defined God. That makes the term “my God” meaningless. It also makes the question of whether there is one or multiple Gods so vague that a debate on it can lead to nowhere.

    Different religions /cults /individuals claim to have knowledge of what God means and in the name of God manipulate worshipers / believers to act.

    I wonder if animals have their own Gods or this privilege is kept exclusively for humans.



  19. Dear Ichak,

    Just change the word God with the word Conscience,
    and by Not doing to others what you do not want to be done to you.


  20. Mithat Gashi says:

    Dear Ichak:

    There are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth.

    Thanks for sharing your personal journey, which is your way of finding God. Your story reminded me of the narratives of Stephen Bonsal, who traveled with President Wilson to Paris before the signing of the Treaty of Versailles that ended the Great War. He wrote that the representatives of Montenegro, Serbia, and Greece rejected the creation of Albania because Albanians were Muslim. They exclaimed: How can we allow the creation of a Muslim nation in the heart of Europe. Bonsal wrote that when he spoke to the Albanian representative Essad Pasha, he stated, how stupid my neighbors’ comments, “instead of admitting that there are many roads to Heaven and that no church has the exclusive control of the entrance gate…” (Suitors and Suppliants: The little nations at Versailles. 1946. Prentice Hall). The Albanian Pasha’s comment is rooted in mystical Islam. A Sufi proverb says: “There are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth.” The Sufi paths, just like the Sahaj Marg, believe in “to die before you die”, meaning “to kill your ego” before you begin to climb up the ladder of spiritual actualization.

    Best Regards,
    Mithat Gashi

  21. One of the greatest human misstakes is when they start to think that they can define to God what should He be like. If he is above humans, then it is not upon humans to define Him and to fix him in their schemas and boxes. If it is beneath humans, then we do not need it. That is the rooth of idol worshiping – God was closed in temple where He was supposed to give anointment for sins and outside people were free to do enything, i.e. exploatiation, enslaving others, denying female rights, justifing social unjustice and social classes. In the Bible we can see that God gets “angry” and punishs whan societies become corumpted and established exploatiation, enslaving, and social injustice as a norm as we can see in Prophets’s rebukes. Also, God is jealous when humans worship idols which is religiuos justification for social injustice and exploatation of poors. Now we can understand King Shelomo’s words when on the inaguration of the Holly Temple he tought us what The Temple is not supose to be, i.e. God is not closed in the Temple and recieves sacrifices as a bribe in order that outside of the Temple we can continue to commit attrociteis.
    God is One and Jews, Christians and Muslims are worshiping the same God. All of them accept original Biblical thoughts. Christians have problems with Deity in Trinity form itself, but inspite of this there is no question about their monotheistic base. The question is how we shall know what realy God commanded, to kill infidels or not, to obbey him or not. Everyone should be honest with himself and to make his own search in order to reach the truth.

  22. Virginia Cruz Ward says:

    Dear Dr. Ichak Adizes!
    The One God
    “And what will I find if I listen? You will find that God is love, and neither God nor your heart can speak of hate. Ever. Try it.”
    “The God of the Christians the Jews and Muslims.”
    Narrowing to three denominations, when we have 4,200 religions.
    Hmmmm. And a bigger Hmmmmmmmmm.
    Love yourself and love your neighbor. Who is my neighbor?
    Are we talking about The One God?
    The One God who is Love and Life. Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient,
    The One God of every living thing in the universe.
    The One God who is love, The One God who give us life, The One God who is good, The One God who gives us free will, The One God who gives us equality, and The One God who speaks to us through love and life.
    It is not The One God who errs; it is us human with our free will.
    The paradox: God Speaks to us in many ways and many forms. But, are we listening and do we Undestand, Love and Life? If we do? We Respect life. And Trust and Love our Neighbor.

  23. Bob Reimer says:

    Meditation can be very helpful…in fact the Bible encourages us to meditate on God!

    While many of us will disagree on theology or religious dogma,what we have in common is that for each of us, we know love when we see it or experience it. Love is supreme and it is a unifier when it is true love (meaning unselfish and unconditional). The stories of love, the movies and books about love and all the music about love is evidence of its importance to all mankind.

    The God that I learned about, believe in and desire to serve is a God of Love. The ultimate expression of love is to lay down your life for another. There is no higher expression of love known to man. This is what followers of Yeshua (Jesus the Christ)believe.

    As for the suffering and injustice and pain we also see and experience,God as revealed in the Bible, clearly speaks to the reasons for it and the resolution of it. If this were not clear I could never believe in a God of Love because it would be contradictory. However it is clear in both the OT and NT..I will leave it at that in order to stay close to the topic which is the personal discovery of God who is a personal otherwise we could not have a personal encounter!

  24. Andrew Bossy says:

    [...Think about how different my God is from the God of the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim religions. That God gives you orders and a manual...]

    My God is Jesus Christ (God’s projection to the Man) and he does not give orders and manuals. Perhaps many of “formal-oriented” people created a lot of artifact organizations, books, instructions etc.
    Look – Jesus said – do what your heart says to you… But. You can listen only after you have born in Spirit. Without His Spirit in the heart one will be doing the same ego stuff.

    And now about most important – did you God dye for you? My did, and this is the most true leadership ever found.

  25. Srinivas Bandaru says:

    Dear Dr. Adizes,

    The following is well said by you.

    “When our hearts drive our behavior, rather than our egos or minds, God will be there. But to find Him you must be willing to listen. And in order to listen to Him, you have to stop listening to You.”

    A great saint simply said for above “Hide Yourself and Expose God in You” So when we hide ourselves, then whatever exposed is God – Love, Compassion, Mercy, Divinity … Irrespective of the anyone’s faith!


  26. Marko Kiauta says:

    Dear dr.Adizes

    Thank you.

    To live the idea of accepting is difficult in regard od good and bad concept.
    I can understand bad, I can accept-forgive to person, but i can not accept bad action.

    There is also a problem of responsibility. Noblesss oblige. Are we not responsible not to act against evil?

    There is also an institution of vision. I understand, that this is the important element of leadership. If we are proactive, vision is a reaction on what it already “is”, but is a wish, where we want to be. Isnt it?

    Listening to the hart is listening of unconscious part of our personality, integral part of us.

    The most helpful orientation is your idea of integratino versus dezintegration. And it “is” to help culture of cooperation to prevail the culture of competition.

    All the best

  27. Mark says:

    I agree with you that we need to turn from focus on ourselves to focus on glorifying God. I agree with you we need to focus on the desires of our heart. Unfortunately, I also believe that our hearts are evil, that is why man struggles so much in focusing on his own desires rather than God’s desire. Is the God of your heart a different God than the God of the Muslim, or Jew, or Christian, or of any other persons faith? If the same God why would God put on each persons heart such different desires that do not create peace and harmony with one another and himself. Does not all of society today do what is on their heart to do? I do believe there is one God, and we can find the truth of that one God in the Bible. A gracious God who redeems the heart of men and women from a heart that is corrupt and self absorbed to a heart that loves God and others greater than one self. If you really desire to grow to reach prime for yourself I encourage you to read again the Bible, both the OT and NT, a fresh with your new perspective of focusing on God rather than yourself to gain understanding of God. As you do, in earnest, ask the God who is speaking to your heart to reveal himself to you. You appear to be at a pivotal point in your own life where you will either make a turn that will lead you to prime or send you on a trajectory that is dangerously close to leading you to fall and death.

  28. Graff Anne says:

    Dear Brother,
    From the Torah I’ve kept two passages :
    1 . « Shema Israel… Hashem e’had
    Veahvta at Hashem elohekha bekol levavkha …»
    You are right, your God is in the heart ‘’ To find him, and to find out what to do, I have to listen to my heart. ‘’
    2. « Anokhi Hashem elohekha, asher hotzetikha mitzraïm mibeit ‘avadim, lo… »
    and then come no orders but qualities, yet unaccomplished, that should spring in the future from our liberation from that country where we are slaves, because in that country every thing is « tzor », closed, crystallised, full of samskaras. Because of that past we are not able to welcome the Aur Ein-sof, the Sherinah, the Infinite Presence in our hearth.
    You can find what you want in the Torah. For me Sahaj Marg is the fulfilment of the true Torah.
    I’m not sure that wishes are a problem, but to be slave of our wishes is a big problem.
    I do like to be creative. When I’m creating I can smell why God created the world. Sometimes I’m slave of my passion, I missed once the sitting of Master… but if my creativity serves the aim of the Source than I’m no more slave but servant : no more ‘eved but ‘eved by keeping my eye on the Source inside my heart. It’s a ’ain story !
    And sometimes I give up actually control and I know it’s no more my hand which draws or my mind which finds out and it’s just marvellous !!!

    I would be very happy to meet you once around Chariji. I found very funny that you made your busyness about evidences which are not at all evident in busyness world. I wouldn’t have dared !!!

    Don’t laugh about my english, brother Itz’haq, I wish you Aur Ein-sof


  29. Jim Michals says:

    In a recent theater production , I heard these words, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” You need to take the perspective of the Creator, El Shaddai, to understand and cultivate a meaningful relationship with Him. The Beatles improved their music and advocacy for world peace through meditation and reflection , traveling along the same intellectual and experiential detour you embark on, in this blog.

    As Rick Warren observed…”it is not all about you” . We live in relationship our whole lives.God is not in the dock, here, we are, and we, individually, need to seek him out and come to terms with Him, which you are doing in this blog. Freud, Marx, Darwin and yourself spent lifetimes chiseling out and defining interesting and unsatisfying ideologies which had impact and cachet for a season or set of generations. Your reflections in this blog remind me of the words and anguish of the David in the book of Psalms.

    As noted in a preceding blog above , Judeo-Christianity is primarily about a relationship. The Bible chronicles the beginning, and integration of that relationship. It sets out the wisdom, experience and dialectic of that relationship over the course of known history. It is truth,it is reliable and it is intellectually robust and elegant enough to define and guide our relationship to El Shaddai. First Corinthians 13 defines the essence of the nature of the God’s nature the relationship He offers us, unconditionally.

    I invite you to read with new eyes the works of CS Lewis, who covered this ground, better than any writer I know. Specifically, “Mere Christianity”,”The Screwtape Letters” and “Surprised by Joy”.

    God bless your journey to seek and walk with the God of Abraham and Yeshua.

    “He is not safe, but He is good” CS Lewis taken from the Chronicles of Narnia. ( relections of the children on the character of Alsan, the Lion)

  30. Don says:

    Hi all..

    Some claim to “surrender” and yet, still hang on to their limiting desire of calling ONE, the ONE-ness of ALL, the CREATIVE, as if “IT” was a “He”; as if “IT” was a “MALE”. ONE, to be ALL, must at least be: “She/He/IT” (Shit), or ALL GENDERS.

    At the very least, and in the real REALITY, IT is a process, or a Law, a principle. IT is not solely a PERSON but could be ALL persons. And IT does not dwell, reside and/or is not localized in the HEART, a PUMP, to the exclusion of all other Spaces and/or Times in the UNIVERSE (One Verse).

    ONE is ALL. ONE (number), to be “THE” Creator (or Creative), must be Everything, Everywhere, and Everywhen (the E-Trinity)!!

    One of my neighbours was (mentally) ill, and talked to himself all the time …questionning, looking for answers!!

    Then one day, he found (or invented) GOD, and now he is “answering” himself. But now he claims it is GOD (or someone beside himself) who is talking !! Is he “cured”?

    ONE, the ONE-ness of ALL, is not centered in a person, or it is centered in ALL persons, things, and spaces at all times.

    IT (what some call “GOD”) is not called “Chari”, or any other man-made name or title!!

    Talk of EGO!!

    Don …

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